Saturday, November 10, 2007

"WeLCoMe To The GHeTTo [12"]"...

Released: 1992
Label: Jive Records

A1. Welcome To The Ghetto [Extended Rmx] (5:44)
A2. Welcome To The Ghetto [Radio Edit] (4:28)
A3. Welcome To The Ghetto [Radio Edit Street] (4:32)
B1. Welcome To The Ghetto [Short Rmx] (5:02)
B2. Welcome To The Ghetto [Instr.] (5:02)
B3. 187 Pure (3:38)

I`ve always been a fan of Spice-1, ever since I first heard his self titled album from `92. Gotta admit, at first I was felt that homie was all gun~talk. After a second listen though, I realized he`s a vivid, hard~edged & angry GaNGSTa, but he`s got a very distinct style of rapp`N...even if it is GaNGSTa`D up! I really like his earlier albums (Spice-1, 187 He Wrote, Amerikkka`s Nightmare, 1990-Sick) compared to the ish he`s droppin` now~a~days. As for this 12", it`s 'From the Jive cassette & CD "Spice 1"', what`s iLL about this 12 inch is that you get the "Welcome To The Ghetto [Rmx]" with an extra verse that`s not on the album version (imagine that:). There`s also "187 Pure", one of my fav` Spice-1 trackS...storytelling at it`s finest, he`s rappin` the story with the character names being drugs...
"I once knew a nigga named Indo Weed
Used to hang out with killers slang Ice & Speed
Had a little bitch named Mary Jane
Who had a brother named Coke & he carried a cane
Coke & Indo, 2 BiG mackS
Coke had a grenade, told Indo "Catch!"
Doin` it just for fun, best frinds don`t gank
You catch `em kickin` it at the park a lot, fuckin` wit` Dank
Dank was real, just a hardcore nigga
Shot his bitch up `cause she drank all the liquor
Seen him at the park drinkin` 40`s last week
Did a drive~by on some niggas in a Jeep
He shot up Heroin & P.C.P.
Some niggas from a clique called L.S.D.
These niggas wasn't playin`, they got straight to the point
Shot up his mother`s house, col` smoked the joint
All he left was 2 brothers by the last name Doobie
Two midget~ass gangsters, both strapped, both moody
One had the 9 (mm) & the other had the 4-5
When they did a hit it took `em both to drive
Didn`t use nothin` fast like a `Vette or a Jag`
Did a drive~by in a mutha fuckin` drop top Zig~Zag
Coke & his sister Mary Jane
On Marijuana block drinkin` 40`s to the brain
And wasn`t trippin` off the gunshots
`Cause on Marijuana Block no one calls the cops
The mutha fuckin` murder rap got you keyed for sure
`Cause it`s 187 PURE, check it out..."

For y`all sample lovers, they should be pretty simple to pick out but if not you`ve got "Inner City Blues" by Marvin Gaye & SOS Band`s "No One`s Gonna Love You"...


ILLustrious said...

love this post man! thanks for this, these are hard to come by for some reason. spice 1 is one of my favorite gangsta rappers, and i love that he has a distinct style, thats whats really dope about him. anyways, thanks again HeRBaN. peace

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post! A great 12" from the East Bay Gangster himself. Very under rated lyricist. A lot of gun talk, but a lot of dope lyrics and vivid tales of street lore too. Who's the last rapper to really drop a tale like this one here?

HeRBaN LyRiX said...

No probS homie, just like you I really dig how Spice-1 puts it down. I`m always trying to find some of his more rare jointS so if I can help others find some ish I`m all for it...

STaY BLeSS`n...