Wednesday, December 19, 2007

16 BaRS PRoDuCTioNs PReSeNTs: "CaNaDiaN GaNGSTeR"...

1. Intro
2. Pray
3. American Dreamin`
4. Hello Brooklyn 2.0 {ft. Lil` Wayne}
5. No Hook
6. Roc Boys (And The Winner Is...)
7. Sweet
8. I Know
9. Party Life
10. Ignorant Shit {ft. Beanie Sigel}
11. Say Hello
12. Success {ft. Nas}
13. Fallin`
14. Blue Magic
15. American Gangster
16. American Dreaming [Bonus Track]
17. Sweet [Bonus Track]
18. Ignorant Shit [Bonus Track]

YeS-YeS, with all the MaSH-uPs/ReMiXes of "American Gangster" floatin` around out there I just had to share this ReMiX album put together by 16 Bars Productions & titled "16 Bars Productions Presents - Jay-Z: Canadian Gangster". The beatS were created by T~DoT producers Big Sproxx, Lee Harvey & Mazaman & they give Jay-Z`s concept album that good ol` maple Canadian touch with their golden~era elements & soulful samples, so check it out for ya`self...

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