Tuesday, January 22, 2008

YouNG SiN`s "My MiND iN RHyMe [EP]"...

1. 24/7
2. Listen
3. Feels So Good {ft. Moka Only}
4. Beam Me Up
5. Get Down
6. Lyrical Javelin
7. Locomotive {ft. Wordsmith }

*Note....it`s all in one .mp3 file

Gotta be real, until I listened to this EP I had no idea who this kat Young Sin was & I have to thank HiP HoP CaNaDa.com for HiPP`n me to this dude. In the mid `90 's Young Sin made the move from Toronto to Vancouver. With a father in a Funk band & a mother who was a local DJ it was only natural that their son would follow into the the footsteps of a musical career. Surrounded by negativity, Young Sin would write rhymes to escape the harsh realities that he faced on a regular basis. It was after link`N up with Lexani (future business partner) that he realized that they had the same ideaS/goalS so Domino Click & MGF Productions was created. While Domino Click & MGF Productions continued to do their thing working with notable katS & at the same time solidifying their movement Young Sin was out makin` a name for himself winning the Beat 94.5 Starmaker competition. In the fourth quarter of 2006, Sin teamed up with Landlokt Records to drop his first album. Anyway, that`s all I know about the homie, check out the EP produced by Moka Only...


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