Sunday, June 22, 2008

DJ DoC RoK PReSeNTs: "50 CeNT`s GoLDeN OLDieS VoL. 1"...

Ah yes, another iLL MaSH~uP album by DJ Doc Rok! VisitorS of the BLoG should remember him from the "Biggie Hendrix Experience" joint I posted up back in March, if ya don`t then get familiar!!! The joint`s well put together, definitely worth a listen. I`ve only given it a quick BuMP myself, but so far I`m really DiGG`n tracks 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 & 10. Check it out for ya`self, feel free to leave ya` thoughts...

1. Wanksta b/w Little Runaway
2. Amusement Park b/w Big Girls Don`t Cry
3. If I Can`t b/w Preacher`s Son
4. Many Men b/w Wonderful World
5. High All The Time b/w Our Time Will Come
6. Like My Style b/w One Fine Day
7. Disco Inferno b/w Green Onions
8. Rowdy Rowdy b/w It`s My Party
9. P.I.M.P b/w I Will Follow Him
10. The Good Die Young b/w Little Susie
11. Patiently Waiting b/w I Only Have Eyes
12. I Like The Way She Do It [Bonus Track]


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