Thursday, June 12, 2008

HaRPooN MiSSiLe`s "BoY, iNTeRRuPTeD"...

If you DiG RoCK aggression infused with HiP HoP then this 3~man crew from Brampton, Ontario known as Harpoon Missile is definitely for you. Producer Rahmel, emcee Harpoon & his brother Warchild make up the crew, back in 2002 they dropped their debut album "Boy, Interrupted". The title may be a lil` on the lame side, but TRuST me y`all they`ve got an iLL vibe that`s like no other. These paramilitary~garbed suburban guerrillas have been dropp`N their RaP/ HaRD RoCK & ReGGae influenced joints on audiences for over 2 decades...

"We sat down & looked at the direction HiP HoP was taking. I tried to pioneer a different style of Rap. It was about being different & it still is. Our second album won`t sound like our first album..."

Said Harpoon, lead emcee of the group. He also proudly proclaims the group to be outsiders or outcasts...

"It was the way we were brought up with a whole bunch of different genres of music: Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Funk, Disco. A lot of the HiP HoP people don`t understand what we`re trying to do -- even down to my Rap style, because a lot of times I`ll sing a chorus like a rocker. We toured with (Vancouver rock band & labelmates) Shocore for a while & found that a lot of the people at the Rock events took to the music a little better than the actual HiP HoP crowd at the moment..."

So if you`ve got an open mind & you`re down for somethin` different, check this joint out. Don`t be scared to post up some comments after you`ve given it a listen...

Harpoon Missile - Boy, Interrupted
Label: Linus Entertainment/ Warner Music
Released: 2002

1. Intro (Harpoon`s State Of The Union Address)
2. Coming To Get Cha!
3. A To Z
4. I Try {ft. Melanie Durrant & In Essence}
5. Health Care P.S.A. [Skit]
6. Who Says
7. Mad Poon
8. Baby, Baby, Baby
9. Far Away
10. Melbosha
11. Another Day
12. This Will Teach You {ft. Rahmel}

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