Friday, August 22, 2008

DJ SeMi & The NoToRiouS B.i.G.`s "ReaDy To DiE" (The O.G. EDiTioN)...

Alright, I know I`ve been SLaCK`n with the posts lately....but honestly, I really don`t give a fuck! I`m just trying to enjoy the last few weeks of Summer; hittin` up my cottage, fishing trips, lots of BBQ`n & copious amount of that R&B (RuM & BuDDaH or ReeFeR & BeeR, either one -- actually both...LoL). Anyway, I`m a lil` on the late side with this post, but I`ve been BuMP`n this joint since I DL`d it towards the beginning of August so I just had to post it up & share it with y`all...

The hardcore Biggie fans will flip their wig once they hear this! What we have here is B.I.G.`s 1994 CLaSSiC debut album "Ready To Die" in it`s raw, uncensored & original form; with all the uncleared samples & a few unheard Biggie verses. An added bonus is the fact that DJ Semi isn`t yelling or bustin` the usual DJ CHiT~CHaTTeR all over these tracks, so we can really get to enjoy them. There`s also 5 rare Biggie gemS included towards the end of the CD, including a freestyle Biggie did for Pepsi. So get to listening already, enjoy this FiYaH!!!!

DJ Semi & The Notorious B.I.G. - Ready To Die (The O.G. Edition)
Released: July 30, 2008
Label: n/a

1. Intro [Original Version w/ Uncleared Samples] (3:08)
2. Things Done Changed [Original Version] (3:50)
3. Gimme The Loot [Never Before Heard Uncensored Version] (4:58)
4. Machine Gun Funk [DJ Premier`s Version] (3:20)
5. Warning [Original Version] (3:37)
6. Ready To Die [Original Version w/ Different Beat] (3:45)
7. One More Chance [Original Version w/ Uncleared Sample] (4:53)
8. Fuck Me [Interlude] (1:29)
9. The What {ft. Method Man} [Original Version w/ Unheard Lyrics] (3:52)
10. Juicy [Pete Rock`s Version] (4:35)
11. Everyday Struggle [Original Demo Mix] (5:13)
12. Me & My Bitch [Original Version w/ Different Beat] (3:38)
13. Respect [Original Extended Edition] (5:37)
14. Friend Of Mine [Original Demo Version] (3:23)
15. Whatchu Want? [Unreleased Original Version] (3:34)
16. Suicidal Thoughts [Pete Rock`s Version] (2:51)
17. Come On {ft. Sadat X} [Unreleased Original Version] (4:57)
18. Who Shot Ya? [Original Demo Mix] (1:10)
19. For The Macs & Dons [Unreleased Track] (3:24)
20. Pepsi Freestyle [Unreleased Track] (1:13)
21. Biggie Got The Hype Shit [Unreleased 1991 Demo Track] (3:53)

R.i.P. B.i.G...

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