Saturday, September 27, 2008

DJ LeNNoX PReSeNTs: "LiVe BiG VoL. 2"...

It`s a shame that these 3 great emceeS never got the chance to actually hook up on a collabo` before they were taken away from HiP HoP & all those that love `em (way too early at that)! I`m sure I`m not the only kat out there that feelS this way...LoL, obviously DJ Lennox did & he does a decent job with this mixtape/CD. Now they may not be actually real collabo`S, but it does give you an idea just how BiG of a collabo` they truly would`ve dropped...

Label: n/a
Released: 2008

1. Intro
2. Us & The Gunz {Biggie, Big Pun & Big L}
3. What You Want {Big Pun & Saigon} [Prod. by Big Zik]
4. Start It {Biggie & Movado} [Prod. by Elite]
5. We Run N.Y. {Biggie, Big Pun & Big L}
6. Who That Nigga? {Biggie, Big Pun & Big L}
7. I Hold The Title {Biggie, Big Pun & Big L} [Prod. by Scram Jones]
8. Take Money {Biggie & Big Pun}
9. Terradome {Biggie, Big Pun & Big L} [Prod. by Styles Fuego]
10. The Cipha {Biggie, Jadakiss & Big L}
11. Young G`s {Biggie, Big Pun & Big L}
12. Silence & Violence {Big Pun & Kool G. Rap, & Big L}
13. Rainy Days {Big Pun}
14. Don`t Love These Hoes {Big L & Biggie}
15. Ain`t No Fun `08 {Biggie}
16. Give It To Me {Big L & Biggie}
17. King Of N.Y. {Jay-Z & Biggie}
18. Big Dreams {The Game, Scarface & Biggie}
19. Round Here {Big L, Nino Bless & Biggie}
20. The Livest [Prod. by Yes Sur] {Big Pun, Biggie & Grafh}
21. Classic Verses{Big L}
22. Classic Verses {Big Pun} [Prod. by Grand Larceny]
23. Real Shit {Biggie, Big L & Big Pun}
24. Classic Verses {Lil` Kim & Biggie}
25. Capitol Punishment [Prod. by Scram Jones] {Big Pun}
26. 2 Teks {Biggie & Big L}
27. Pulp Fiction {Big L & Big Pun}
28. Come On {Big Pun, Big L & Biggie}

R.i.P. BiGGiE, BiG L & BiG PuN...

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