Sunday, November 30, 2008

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs: "Da LaDieZ iN Tha HouSe VoL. 1"...

Last weekend I was a lil` on the bored side so I decided to put together a lil` mix to RePReSeNT for the LaDieZ of HiP HoP. I wanted to showcase the talent that these women possess, especially since at least 90% of the women on this mix can rock the mic just as good if not better than most of their male counterparts, but they never truly get their PRoPs. Hopefully this joint does `em some justice! It was a bit on the hard side to cut the tracklist down to fit on a CD, so you can expect to see future volumes. Feel free to leave some feedback, even a list of some artists or tracks for future jointS...

1. iNTRo
2. Da Ladies In Da House {Big Kap ft. Bahamadia, Precise, Tripp, Uneek & Lauryn Hill}
3. Six-Pack {Nikki D, Paula Perry, Rah Digga, Heather B, Precious P & Bahamadia}
4. Thorough Bitches {Charlie Baltimore ft. Lady Of Rage, Queen Pen, Scarlet, Da Brat & Gangsta Boo}
5. WorldWide [Prod. by Mel-Man] {Lady Of Rage}
6. Wonder Years {MC Lyte ft. Shabeeno}
7. 5 O`Clock {Nonchalant}
8. You Can`t See Me {Kola The Lyrical Soda}
9. Bitches With Attitude {Foxy Brown ft. Mia X & Gangsta Boo}
10. All Over A Ho {Mz. Kilo}
11. Fuckin` With Pros {Marvaless ft. The Conscious Daughters}
12. Funk Vibe {Bahamadia}
13. Inspiration {Eternia}
14. Soul Control {Apaini B-Fly Emcee}
15. All Glocks Down {Heather B}
16. 10 Percent Dis {MC Lyte}
17. The Gangstress {Antoinette}
18. Supersonic {J.J. Fad}
19. Push It {Salt-N-Pepa}
20. Give It 2 You [Rmx] {Da Brat}
21. Not Tonight [Rmx] {Lil` Kim ft. Left Eye, Da Brat, Missy Elliott & Angie Martinez}



cutpurseboy said...

Nice collection of female raps... Any chance of droppin the full 12" of 11. Fuckin` With Pros {Marvaless ft. The Conscious Daughters}I'm on a Conscious Daughters vibe right now

One Luv

HeRBaN LyRiX said...

I`ll see what I can do for ya homie...

STaY BLeSS`n...