Friday, November 14, 2008

CRU`s "Da DiRTy 30"...

OVeRLooK`D CLaSSiC are the 2 wordS that come to my mind when anyone SPeaKS on CRU`s "Da Dirty 30" album. They originally went by the name Rhythm Blunt Cru (I`m actually looking for the "Rhythm Blunt Cru" [12 inch] if anyone could link that up I`d greatly appreciate it!) but apparently Mr. Russel Simmons wasn`t really feeling that so they cut it down to CRU. Repp`N the Bronx, CRU consisted of 3 members rapper Chadeeo, producer/ rapper Yogi & hype~man The Mighty Ha. They dropp`D "Da Dirty 30" in 1997, the album`s title referenced the district where these KaTs were from -- that & the fact that it had 30 trackS on it. Yogi handled the entire album`s production, dropp`N some good ol` New York BooM BaP beatS for that ass! While Tracey Lee ("it`s Party Time..."), a MaD HuNGRy sound`N Black Rob, The Lox, always iLL Ras Kass, storytellin` Slick Rick & even "The Gangstress" herself, Antoinette all show up for some DoPe featureS...

Even though this trio laced the HiP HoP WoRLD with some DoPe music their album sales weren`t all that great, so I`m guessin` that they were dropp`D from the label. However they had a track appearance ("Ohh Wee") on "Violator: The Album" a Violator Records compilation that was released in 1999. After that there`s been nothing but silence from the CRU. Yogi`s still doin` a lil` production though, he did a couple jointS for Method Man`s "Tical 0: The Prequel". O`TaY, that`s enough YiP~YaPP`n y`all just need to check the album out for bangerS like "Just Another Case", "Pronto", "Bubblin`", "Ebonic Plague", "Goines Tale", "Lisa Lipps" & "Armaggedon" to name a few...

Label: Def Jam/ Violator Records
Released: 1997

1. DJ Footlong [Intro]
2. Bluntz & Bakakeemis {ft. Antoinette, Jim Hydro & Tracey Lee}
3. That Shit
4. Just Another Case {ft. Slick Rick}
5. Hoe 2 Society [Skit]
6. Nuthin` But {ft. Black Rob}
7. Straight From L.I.P.
8. Goin` Down
9. Shoot Out [Skit]
10. Ten To Run
11. Wreckognize {ft. Black Rob}
12. Bulletproof Vest [Skit]
13. The Ebonic Plague {ft. Ras Kass}
14. Up North
15. R.I.P. [Skit]
16. Live At The Tunnel {ft. The Lox}
17. Pronto
18. You Used To [Skit]
19. Fresh, Wild & Bold
20. O.J. [Skit]
21. Lisa Lipps
22. Bubblin`
23. Goines Tale
24. The Illz
25. Footlong [Skit]
26. My Everlovin`
27. Pay Attention {ft. Anthony Hamilton}
28. Loungin` Wit` My Cru
29. Dirty 29 [Skit]
30. Armaggedon