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It was `96 when I first heard some ish from Toronto`s Ghetto Concept, the crew reppin` their Rexdale neighborhood roots. The track was the Juno Award winning "E-Z On Tha Motion". In fact to this day it`s still my favorite track of their`s, I just love the smooth`D out Jazzy vibe...

For those that aren`t up on G.C. I`ll school ya....LoL, or at least I`ll give it a try. Ghetto Concept as a group originally consisted of 3 members; Kwajo Cinqo, Dolo & Infinite. They formed the group sometime around 1989, competing in local Rap contests at community centers & cipherin` at block partieS. Then 1992 they hooked up with entrepeneur Julien Arthur & released their first single "Certified" on the indy label Groove-a-Lot Records. In 1994 things started to spark off for G.C., they won a Juno Award (it`s like the Grammy`s Canadian cousin) for "Certified" & earned another the following year for "E-Z On Tha Motion". Just when things were really starting to PoP off however, Infinite`s brother was murdered in `95 & he left the group a lil` while after. Before his exit from Ghetto Concept though the crew recorded "Much Love", a tribute to Infinite`s brother. It was later released as a single with a music video as well...

Infinite ended up going for dolo, releasing an EP titled "360 Degrees" in 1998 (Read all about homie & the EP right here.) while the remaining duo released their self titled debut album thru 7 Bill$ Entertaiment. A label/ company that they had formed together in 1996. The "7 Bill$" moniker represents the fact that G.C.`s tryin` to stack chipS in the 7~figure range to help get their families & communities out of the struggle...

“This isn’t just for us”, says lyricist Kwajo, “we started 7 Bill$ Entertainment for Angel Duss, Blacks, Ray Smoove. We have mad people comin` up with us...”

Mad people is true, and some of them are featured all on the self titled Ghetto Concept album. Stand out jointS for me are "Precious Metals", "7 Days", "Krazy World" & "Blades Of Ice". So give it a listen for ya`self & experience Ghetto Concept at their hungriest ...

Ghetto Concept - Ghetto Concept
: 1998

Label: 7 Bill$ Entertainment

1. Annodomini {ft. Black Katt}
2. Precious Metals
3. In God We Truss {ft. Ants Man}
4. Ol` Skool Games {ft. Eileen}
5. State Of Crisis
6. N.E.W.S. {ft. Angel Duss}
7. I Know A Melody
8. 7 Days {ft. Samantha}
9. B.E.T. {ft. St. Nickolas, Baracus, Daddy Rose & Sauludin of Black Rose Cartel}
10. Death Touch {ft. Cli-N-Tel, Skyjuice & K-4ce}
11. Die 4 Me {ft. In Essence}
12. Heat Of The Night {ft. Ray Smoove & Naomi}
13. Primetime Saturday Night
14. Can I Borrow A Dollar?
15. Soak Da Set {ft. Do Dirty, Blaze & Whosane of Afficial Nast}
16. R&B ft. Skits
17. Mother's Love ft. Sky Blu & Rob "Denero" Walker
18. Blades Of Ice {ft. Ill Phenom, Kryptonite, Exodus, Angel Duss, Ray Smoove & The Civilizer of Unit 7}
19. Dark Skies
20. Krazy Mixed Up World {ft. Angel Duss}
21. Krazy World

"Run go tell your neighbour `bout tha sound north of tha border..."

Label: Groove-A-Lot Records
Released: 1993

A1. Certified (4:00)
A2. Certified [Instr.] (4:00)
B1. Certified [Rmx] (4:13)
B2. Mista Crack Ed (3:25)
B3. Dungeon (2:20)


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