Saturday, December 06, 2008

A.T.B.A.N. KLaNN`s "GRaSS RooTs"...

The A.T.B.A.N. Klann, a.k.a. A Tribe Beyond A Nation....a HiP HoP group consisting of Mookie Mook, DJ Motiv8, Will 1X, Dante Santiago & Will 1X & used to break together as a crew (Tribal Nation), later on they linked up with Mookie Mook, Dante Santiago & DJ Motiv8 to form the group the A.T.B.A.N. Klann. Eazy-E seen the potential that they embodied & scooped these katZ up around 1992, signing them to Ruthless Records. Shortly after being signed they made their debut on Eazy-E`s "5150: Home 4 Tha Sick" EP on the track "Merry Mutha Phuckin` X-Mas".

Soon after that they began to work on their debut album "Grass Roots" which was set up for an October release in 1992. They had an equal balance of trackS created with computer programing & some jointS recorded using a live band. The album was completed, but due to label politrickS & then Eazy-E`s death the album never seen the light of day, it was shelved for whatever reason. They did release a 12" for "Puddles Of H2O" around `94 but it was a 'Promo Only' release.

After leaving Ruthless Records Will 1X & hooked up with Taboo & they became the Black Eyed Peas. Shortly after signing to Interscope Will 1X changed his name to Will.I.Am. So there y`all go, a lil` pre~Black Eyed Peas history for ya....LoL, enjoy the album...

A.T.B.A.N. Klann - Grass Roots
Label: Ruthless Records
Released: N/A (Originally set to be released in 1992)

1. Open Your Mind
2. Goin` For A Ride
3. Lord Of The Flies
4. Adidas
5. Mountain Top
6. Quid Pro Quo
7. No Sequel
8. World`s Gone
9. Rain On Me
10. Dedicated
11. Styles Are Critical
12. Puddles Of H2O
13. Focus On You
14. Strolling
15. La Borio Woman Beater
16. Let Me Get Down


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