Saturday, December 20, 2008

PoiZoN PoSSe`s "SToMPiN`"...

Here`s another woman HiP HoP group from the early 90`s, Poizon Posse consisting of 4 members; Lisa Lisa, Ro Ro, Aishah & Keisha all reppin` New York. And that there ladieS & gentS is all I know about `em.....LoL, there`s not much info` out there on this crew, so if anyone can school me go `head & do it! As for the album, it`s decent with beatS rangin` from laid~back to up~beat Ol` School type tempoS. Lyrically & flow~wise these HuN-eeZ come of gritty & grimy, Sweet Tee`s even featured on a few tracks -- so check it out & enjoy...

Poizon Posse - Stompin`
Released: July 20, 1993 (CD: June 14, 1994)
Label: Polygram Records

1. Who`s In The House? [Intro]
2. This Is It Y`all {ft. Sweet Tee}
3. Bitch [Interlude]
4. P.P. Just Ain`t Havin` It
5. Professional Relaxers
6. Pimpin` A Nigga [Interlude]
7. I`m The Other Woman {ft. Sweet Tee}
8. This Is What We Do All Day
9. Tell `Em What Time It Is [Interlude]
10. Stompin`
11. Headbangers
12. Kickin` Biz Like This
13. That`s The Ways Of The World
14. What [Interlude]
15. Sexy
16. Shout Outs



Anonymous said...

I first heard these chicks in 91 on the "Sister's In The Name of Rap" pay per view concert. They were put on by Sweet Tee of course and boasted memeber from both NYC and Boston...they were grimey kind of like a female Onyx.

Anonymous said...

Aishah is my cousin ...what you need to know???....ALL FROM NY.. no Boston.

HeRBaN LyRiX said...

Everything....drop their whole story, beginning to end...

STaY BLeSS`n..