Thursday, January 01, 2009

HeaTHeR B`s "ETeRNaL AFFaiRs"...

Most folkS know of Heather B from her appearance on the MTV reality show "Real World" back in 1992, but she really began things as a part~time performer with Boogie Down Productions -- adding vocals to BDP`s "Sex & Violence" album (DoPe joint right there!!!). Shortly after her reality show gig Heather recorded "I Get Wreck" a 12 inch for Elektra Records in 1992 & a few years later she followed things up in 1995 with a 12 inch that she initially pressed on her own, but was later picked up by Pendulum Records. That 12 inch was the rugged "All Glocks Down", a track that`s featured on her 1996 debut album "Takin` Mine"...

Here`s the video for "I Get Wreck"...

Her debut`s definitely worth checkin` out, (we`ll be doin` that later on this year I`m sure:) but what I`ve got for y`all is her 2nd album released in 2002 "Eternal Affairs". Heather B rockS the mic like a pro delivering 12 jointS DoPe enough for ya` friendly neighborhood BuDDaH~MaN. With some production by Pete Rock & DJ Premier what`s not to like? Actually here`s a lil` sample for y`all, here`s "Steady Rockin`" the track Premier laced Heather B with -- check it out & enjoy the album...

Heather B - Eternal Affairs
Label: Sai Records
Released: February 12, 2002

1. Live MC
2. Steady Rockin`
3. One Life
4. You Goin` Down
5. Gotta Love Me
6. Nobody Knows You
7. Eternal Affairs
8. What She Don`t Know
9. I Will Never Change
10. More Than The Music
11. Dedicated
12. Young, Gifted & Black