Saturday, January 17, 2009

LeSCHea`S "RHyTHM & BeaTs"...

I`m gon` switch things up just a lil` with this post since it`s a bit on the R&B tip, but it`s definitely HiP HoP influenced so don`t worry....LoL, trust me you`ll be DiGG`n this album that Leschea dropped for us. To give those out there an idea of Leschea`s style/ sound I`d have to say it`s a NiCe blend of MC Lyte, Aaliyah (R.i.P.) & a lil` Mary J. Blige. She`s straight out of Brooklyn & got her foot in the door by hookin` up with Masta Ace & became a member of Masta Ace Incorporated before she stepped out on her own to drop this beautiful GeM of an album...

Some folkS consider this album to be more on the Neo~Soul side, but I`d have to disagree because not only are the beatS that producers DJ Megahurtz, Ase One (An alias Masta Ace used when he was recording with Masta Ace Inc.), Dirtman, Fabian Hamilton, Lord Finesse, Mister Cee & The King Of Chill provide HiP HoP influenced but so are Leschea`s lyricS & her in~ya`~face style. The album`s first single "How We Stay" has Leschea singin` about dress`N fly rockin` that 'baggy style' over an iLL beat that uses a familiar James Brown sample, think Biggie`s "Dreams". The 2nd single is my favorite track on the album, the `round~the~way love anthem "Fulton St."...

It`s kind of hard to choose the standout tracks because this whole album BaNGs, but here`s a few jointS that y`all should definitely peep "My Flow [Intro]" featuring fellow Masta Ace Inc. member Paula Perry, "U Know The Place", "How We Stay", "Let Me Sing It 2 U", "Fulton St.", "Hip Hop", "Let Me Know", "3 To 5" &.....ah fuck it, trust me just peep the entire album!!!

Leschea - Rhythm & Beats
Released: December 31, 1996
Label: Warner Bros.

1. My Flow [Intro] {ft. Paula Perry} (3:32)
2. U Know The Place (4:45)
3. Gimme Bass (4:43)
4. How We Stay (5:02)
5. Let Me Sing It 2 U (6:10)
6. Fulton St. (5:05)
7. Let Me Know {ft. Ike Dirty} (4:21)
8. 3 To 5 (4:56)
9. All On You (4:42)
10. All This Love (5:50)
11. High Velocity (3:56)
12. Hip Hop (4:51)
13. Schea`s World (5:08)


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