Monday, February 09, 2009

RoXaNNe SHaNTé`s "The BiTCH iS BaCK"...

Today, for your listening pleasure I`ve got Roxanne Shanté`s 1992 album titled "The Bitch Is Back". On this joint Roxanne had production from the likes of Mister Cee, Large Professor, Grand Daddy I.U., Trackmasters & even the legendary street emcee Kool G. Rap (who`s also featured on the track "Deadly Rhymes"). Standout tracks, my opinion of course, are "Straight Razor", "Deadly Rhymes" & "Brothers Ain`t Shit". Then there`s "Big Mama" -- Shanté takes shots at Queen Latifah, Monie Love & she even throws a few jabs at MC Lyte, Salt-N-Pepa, Isis & Yo-Yo for good measure. For those wondering why Shanté is taking shots at Latifah & Monie Love it`s really pretty straight forward. Remember that track Latifah had "Ladies First"? I guess Shanté wanted to be a part of it & since she wasn`t she felt that she had to rip `em a new one....LoL, so check it out...

"...Cross my path, your ass`ll get whipped
`Cuz Shanté ain`t about no games
Matter of fact, yo, I`ma start callin` off names
First up there`s Latifah
You roll up & I`ma smoke that ass like Reefer
`Cuz you ain`t never in Life been a star to me
Sold the fuck out tryin` to go R&B
Now that shit is shady
You say "Ladies First", well I`m the first lady
And all y`all hoes are phoney
Try & get flipped, I`ma rip you & your girl Monie
You`re illegitimate, tryin` to get a little bit
And I`m about sick of that "Monie In The Middle" shit
Your album cold garbage
Had one good jam, now you think you a star, bitch
Breakin` your neck tryin to be in the limelight
But give you a mic & you can`t even rhyme right
So get the fuck off the scene
`Cuz I got a M-16 that says `Shanny`s the queen`
And all you bitches got your style from me
The capital S-h-a-n-t-é
Used to go to my show, analyze how the sound flow
On the down low, fuck around, lay around, hoe
So save all the drama
And make room for the Big Mama..."

Dance To This [Live]...

Big Mama [Live]...


Roxanne Shanté - The Bitch Is Back

Label: Livin` Large Records
Released: October 5, 1992

1. Intro (4:09)
2. Deadly Rhymes {ft. Kool G. Rap} (2:57)
3. Big Mama (5:15)
4. Trick Or Treat (3:17)
5. Gotta Be Free (4:25)
6. Dance To This (4:40)
7. Yes, Yes, Y`all (4:30)
8. Straight Razor (4:13)
9. Shanté Gets Wicked (4:34)
10. Brothers Ain`t Shit (4:55)



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