Friday, March 27, 2009

PooR MaN MiLiTiA...

This ish right here is for the TRuE HiP HoP HeaDZ, especially those that love that grimy, head~NoDD`n, thought~provokin` music! The P.M.M. is a coalition of artists repp`N Toronto, Canada. Crooks Of Da Round Table, Tribesmen, Logical Ethix, Gullitine, Kaotny, Unknown Mizery & Street Congress are all members. Along with The Arkeologists who handle production, their DaRK & DiRTy soundscapes provide the perfect foundation for the emcees` RuGGeD street~wise PoeTiCS. Do ya`self a favor & check `em out, you`ll be glad ya did...

Poor Man Militia - Poor Man Militia

1. Intro
2. Victims
3. Street Mutts
4. Fantino
5. Richman, Poorman
6. Gram `N` A Half
7. What In The World
8. Newspaper Nap
9. Fire Face
10. Robbery
11. R.I.P.
12. Aftertaste
13. Bad Mood
14. Stay Calm
15. Alleywalk
16. I`m Sorry
17. The Rundown
18. Still Thinkin`


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