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EaZy-E`s "FeaTuRiNG...EaZy-E"

I had been meaning to post up something Eazy-E related in March, but I never really had the time to get it done - well that`ll be my excuse anyway....LoL, so here`s a lil` somethin`. Now it`s not as iLL as my
"Ya KNoW iT`s EaZy VoL. 1" mix, but if you`re a fan of the GoDFaTHeR Of GaNGSTa RaP I`m sure you`ll enjoy it. This album was obviously just another way for the labels to PiMP Eazy-E`s fans, by including some of the more obscure tracks that Eazy-E worked on with a remastered sound. They titled the album "Featuring...Eazy-E" because it`s essentially a compilation of Eazy`s features. "Trust No Bitch", "P.S. Phuk U 2" & the "We Want Eazy [12" Rmx]" are really the only rare joints. The first two tracks mentioned come from the DJ Quik produced 1992 Penthouse Player Clique`s album "Paid The Cost" (another out of print album), the third track is a remix from the "We Want Eazy" 12" which is almost 7 minutes long...

The rest of the tracks are pretty much filler, since they`re either credited to Eazy-E or N.W.A., trackS that had already been released on other compilations - except for
"Get Yo` Ride On" which features Mack-10 & MC Eiht from Mack-10`s 1998 album "The Recipe". I think that if the labels involved with this project weren`t so lazy they could`ve put together a much better album by including more features outside of his work with N.W.A., I mean he did "We`re All In The Same Gang", he has features with Above The Law ("The Last Song", "Game Wreck-Oniz-Iz Game"), D.O.C. ("The Grand Finale"), Brownside ("Eastside Drama"), H.W.A. ("I Ain`t No Lady"), Blood Of Abraham ("Niggaz & Jewz"), Menajahtwa ("Back 2 Da O.G.") & he`s even got posthumous collabo`s with Erick Sermon ("So Sweet") & The Game ("Still Cruisin`"). So I don`t see why they didn`t include these joints. Another thing that they should`ve done is have it so the tracks are sequenced in chronological order, I think that would`ve made it a lil` DoPeR. Anyway I`m done DiSS`n the album.....LoL, check it out for ya`self...

Eazy-E - Featuring Eazy-E
Label: Ruthless Records/ Priority Records
Released: December 4, 2007

1. Luv 4 Dem Gangsta`z
2. 2 Hard Muthas {ft. MC Ren}
3. Trust No Bitch {ft. Penthouse Players Clique & DJ Quik}
4. L.A. Is The Place {ft. Ron De Vu}
5. Findum, Fuckum & Flee {ft. N.W.A.}
6. Get Yo` Ride On {ft. Mack-10 & MC Eiht}
7. Black Nigga Killa
8. We Want Eazy [12" Rmx]
9. For Tha Love Of $ {ft. Bone Thugs}
10. I`d Rather Fuck You {ft. N.W.A.}
11. 24 Hours To Live
12. Boyz-N-Tha-Hood [G-Mix]
13. Fat Girl {ft. Ron De Vu}
14. Automobile {ft. N.W.A.}
15. P.S. Phuk U 2 {ft. Penthouse Player Clique}
16. Ruthless Villain {ft. MC Ren}

"Luv 4 Dem Gangstaz"...

Here`s a few commercials that Ruthless Records put together for Eazy`s "Str8 Off Tha Streetz..." album...

Ironic low~blow...

Here`s some old Eazy-E footage from the "Hip Hop Story" movie...


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