Monday, April 13, 2009

JuST DiZLe PReSeNTs: "LaDieS FiRST VoLuMeS 1 & 2"...

Thanks to France`s #1 DJ Just Dizle I`ve got 2 volumes of DoPe female emceeS for y`all! The first volume is hosted by the legendary Jazzy Joyce & the second volume is hosted by my favorite female emcee, MC Lyte. Dizle made great selections for women on these two mixes. Everyone from Lauryn Hill, Jean Grae, Foxy Brown, Lil` Kim & Queen Latifah down to Bahamadia, Rah Digga, Salt-N-Pepa & Da Brat. So check `em out & give `em a listen. Just so ya know ahead of time each volume is a seperate mp3 file, so that means you`re gon` have to listen to `em all the way thru...

Just Dizle Presents - Ladies First Vol. 1 (Hosted by Jazzy Joyce)

1. Intro {Jazzy Joyce}
2. Until The Day {Nonchalant}
3. Zealots {Lauryn Hill}
4. The Rain {Missy Elliott}
5. True Honey Buns {Bahamadia}
6. Drugs {Lil` Kim}
7. Tradin` War Stories {Storm}
8. Rumble In The Jungle {Lauryn Hill}
9. Eve Of Destruction {Eve}
10. I Shot Ya [Rmx] {Foxy Brown}
11. 5 O`Clock In The Morning {Nonchalant}
12. If Headz Only Knew {Heather B}
13. Vita, Vita, Vita {Vita}
14. Straight Spittin` Pt. II {Rah Digga}
15. My Beliefs {Da Brat}
16. Come & Get It {Lady Luck}
17. It`s My Beat {Sweet Tee & Jazzy Joyce}
18. You Know My Steez [3 Men & A Lady Rmx] {Lady Of Rage}
19. Came Back For You {Lil` Kim}
20. Take It There [Rmx] {Nonchalant}
21. Afro Puffs {Lady Of Rage}
22. Extra, Extra {Paula Perry}
23. What They Call Me {Rah Digga}
24. U.N.I.T.Y. [Original & Big Titty Mix] {Queen Latifah}
25. Nickel Bags {Ladybug Mecca}
26. 9th Wonder {Ladybug Mecca & Jazzy Joyce}
27. Goin` Crazy {Jean Grae}
28. Wrath of Madness [DJ Premier Rmx] {Queen Latifah}
29. Patriots {Free}
30. Mind Blowin` {Smooth}
31. My Mic Sounds Nice {Salt-N-Pepa}
32. Give It 2 U [Rmx] {Da Brat}
33. Double R What?! {Eve}
34. NBC {Charli Baltimore}
35. 3 Tha Hard Way {Bahamadia & Mecca Star}
36. The Promise {Foxy Brown}
37. Down For The Count {Rah Digga}
38. The Letter {Foxy Brown}
39. Rebirth Of The Slick {Ladybug Mecca}
40. Sweetest Thing [Rmx] {Lauryn Hill}
41. Roxanne’s Revenge {Roxanne Shante}
42. Everybody Get Up {Salt-N-Pepa}
43. Big Mama [Large Professor Rmx] {Roxanne Shante}
44. Better Ask Somebody {Yo-Yo}
45. Six Pack {Nicki D, Paula Perry, Rah Digga, Heather B, Precious P & Bahamadia}
46. Outro {Jazzy Joyce}

Just Dizle Presents - Ladies First Vol. 2 (Hosted by MC Lyte)

1. Intro {MC Lyte}
2. Brooklyn {MC Lyte}
3. How Many Mics {Lauryn Hill}
4. Aalikes {Jean Grae}
5. Queen Bitch {Lil` Kim}
6. Philly, Philly {Eve}
7. I Confess [The Roots Rmx & Eric Sermon Rmx] {Bahamadia}
8. I Wanna Be Down [Rmx] {MC Lyte, Yo-Yo & Queen Latifah}
9. Just Another Day [New Jack Rmx & Album Version] {Queen Latifah}
10. Vocab [Rmx] {Lauryn Hill}
11. Showdown {Rah Digga}
12. 10% Dis {MC Lyte}
13. You Cut {MC Lyte}
14. I’m Not Havin` It {MC Lyte & Positive K}
15. My Kinda Nigga {Heather B}
16. Get Money {Lil` Kim}
17. Fox Boogie {Foxy Brown}
18. The Cypher III {Roxanne Shante}
19. Cowboys {Lauryn Hill & Rah Digga}
20. Be OK {Bahamadia & Rah Digga}
21. MC Lyte Speaks
22. Keep On Pushin` {MC Lyte, Bahamadia, Nonchalant & Yo-Yo}
23. I Cram To Understand You {MC Lyte}
24. Friend {Foxy Brown}
25. Lessons Of Today {Rah Digga}
26. The Score {Lauryn Hill}
27. Feel It {C-Low}
28. Symphony 2000 {Lady Luck}
29. Survival Of The Fittest {MC Lyte}
30. Wonder Years {MC Lyte}
31. Quiet Storm [Rmx] {Lil` Kim}
32. Total Wreck {Bahamadia}
33. Roc U {Hurricane G}
34. Big Momma Thang {Lil` Kim}
35. Tramp {Salt-N-Pepa}
36. It’s Like That Y’all {Sweet Tee}
37. The Real Roxanne {The Real Roxanne}
38. Mama Don’t Take No Mess {Yo-Yo}
39. Buddy [Rmx] {Monie Love & Queen Latifah}
40. Had It Up 2 Here {Queen Latifah}
41. Born 2 B.R.E.E.D. {Monie Love}
42. Ruffneck {MC Lyte}
43. Paper Thin {MC Lyte}
44. Outro {MC Lyte}

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