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CooL C`s "LiFe iN The GHeTTo"...

For the Ol` SCHooL HeaDZ, some Cool C...for y`all that don`t really know of the homie here`s a lil` info` to soak up. RePP`n Philly, Cool C`s first records dropped in the late 1980`s (around 1987-88). "Juice Crew Dis", his debut single from 1987 is what first generated a buzz for himself & his laid~back style (a move that 50 Cent must`ve studied). Cool C was BuCK`n verbal shotS at New York`s Juice Crew, a group that included such emcees as Big Daddy Kane, MC Shan & Kool G. Rap...

Cool C was also a member of the Hilltop Hustlers Records crew, other members included the group 3-D (been told that a lil` later on they`d be known as Three Times Dope). In 1988 a pair of singles for Hilltop Hustlers Records & City Beat caught the attention of Atlantic & they signed him to a contract. C released two full~length albums with the label; 1989`s "I Got A Habit" & 1990`s "Life In The Ghetto"...

He is best known for the two singles off his debut album "I Got A Habit", that being the title of one of the singles & the other being "Glamorous Life" (sampling Sheila E`s song with the same name). Around 1991 Cool C hooked up with felow PhiladelphianS Steady B & DJ Ultimate Eaze to form the group C.E.B. (Countin` Endless Bank). They released their only album "Countin` Endless Bank" in 1993 on Ruffhouse Records. The album didn`t do so great sales~wise, but it`s single "Get The Point" reached the #5 spot on the Billboard Charts...

A few years after the C.E.B. album was released Cool C decided to do something that would end his rapping career for good. On January 2, 1996 Cool C, Steady B & Mark Canty decided that they were going to rob PNC Bank`s Feltonville branch. Things went WAY wrong....Cool C ended up shooting Police Officer Lauretha Vaird in the abdomen as she was responding to the bank`s silent alarm. For unknown reasons Officer Vaird wasn`t wearing a bulletproof vest, she died a little later from her wound becoming the city`s first female police officer to die in the line of duty...

On March 1997 Cool C was given the Death Sentence for the first~degree murder of Philadelphia Police Office Lauretha Vaird & was set to die from Lethal Injection. Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell signed Cool C`s Death Warrant on January 10, 2006 & his execution date was set for March 9, 2006 but a few weeks later -- February 1, 2006 to be exact...Pennsylvania Judge Gary Glazer granted Cool C a stay of execution until all post~conviction litigation is resolved. So currently Cool C (or Christopher Roney as his mother would call him) remains an inmate of the State Correctional Institution at Greene in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania...

So that`s what I know of Cool C, now give the album a listen would ya!!!

Cool C - Life In The Ghetto
Label: Atlantic
Released: 1990

1. Opening
2. Genesis
3. Star Of The Show
4. Ya Feeling Alright
5. Life In The Ghetto
6. Watch Your Back
7. For Your Information
8. Back `N` Forth {ft. DJ Ultimate Ease, E Marbles, Jo Jo Dancer, Lawrence Goodman, Mentally Gifted & Steady B}
9. Pump It Up Now {ft. Steady B}
10. Agony of Defeat
11. If You Really Love Me
12. Shining Star
13. Carousel Chanel
14. Mind Ya Bizness
15. Hilltop Scope II
16. Answers


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