Saturday, May 02, 2009

JeMiNi The GiFTeD One`s "SCaRs & PaiN" [EP]...

YeS~YeS y`all, here`s a rare EP from Brooklyn`s Jemini The Gifted One. Dropped in 1995 thru the Mercury/ Polygram labels, this 7~track EP showcased Jem`s SKiLLZ on the mic as an excitingly hungry emcee. He dropped a couple 12 inches after the EP (that`s where the 2 extra tracks came from), but other than that I`m not sure what Jemini was up to from 1997 to about 2003, he was probably perfectin` his SKiLLZ....LoL, anyway he connected with DJ Danger Mouse in 2003 to work on the "Ghetto Pop Life" album & then followed things up with another Danger Mouse collabo` project titled "The Twenty Six Inch EP" which was released in 2004. That`s all that I know of Jemini, but if any of y`all know something that I might have missed don`t hesitate to SCHooL me. Anyway, enjoy the music & peep the "Funk Soul Sensation" video -- I didn`t even know homie had a video for that BaNG`n joint...

Jemini The Gifted One - Scars & Pain [EP]
Label: Mercury/ Polygram
: 1995

1. Can’t Stop Rockin’ [Tribute]
2. Brooklyn Kids [Prod. by Minnesota]
3. Scars & Pain [Prod. by Buckwild]
4. Letcho Batyflo [Prod. by Organized Konfusion]
5. Funk Soul Sensation
6. Story Of My Life [Prod. by Buckwild]
7. 50 MCs In A Cipher [Prod. by Rah Boogie & Jemini The Gifted One]
8. Funk Soul Sensation [Godfather Don Rmx] [Bonus Track]
9. Return Of The Funk Soul [Prod. by Organized Konfusion] [Bonus Track]


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