Monday, May 18, 2009

M.V.P.`s "The KiNGs Men [12 iNCH]"...

What we have here is E-40, Legit (a.k.a. B-Legit), Busy D (a.k.a. D-Shot) & Suga-T`s very first vinyl release. Before they were known as The Click they went by the name M.V.P. This 12 inch contains 3 tracks & 1 instrumental, the M.V.P. tracks; "I Thought I Could Trust A Girl" (E-40 & D-Shot rappin` like you`ll never hear them rap again....EVER) & "The Kings Men Are Out To Get Yah" plus the "The Kings Men... [Instr.]" & it also contains the female rap group Sugar `N` Spice (Suga-T & Angela Pressly) track "Honey Boom". The songs are far from iLL, but they`re rare & if you`re an E-40 fan it`s a nice lil` addition to your collection. So check it out & enjoy...

Label: Rush Force Records
Released: 1988

1. I Thought I Could Trust A Girl
2. The Kings Men Are Out To Get Yah
3. The Kings Men... [Instr.]
4. Honey Boom {Sugar `N` Spice}


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