Sunday, May 17, 2009

PeRSiA`S "So THaT BiTCH"...

This here is a mixtape from FeMaLe EmCee Persia who`s RePP`n Far Rockaway Queens, New York. Most headS will probably remember her from VH1`s "The White Rapper Show". Her audition for the show was apparently the first time that she actually spit rhymes. At first listen she comes off as a `THuG~CHiCK`~type rapper, but that could be because of her no~holds barred, in ya` face style of rappin`. Persia does have an emotional side, it`s just overshadowed by her grimy styles...

Persia - So That Bitch

1. Get It Right
2. Quiet Storm [Rmx]
3. Lip Gloss [Rmx]
4. More Than A Lil` Bit {ft. S. Golden}
5. Hustle Hard {ft. Stack Bundles (R.i.P.)}
6. Definition Of A Thug
7. East 2 west Freestyle
8. I Ring Bells {ft. Lo-Lo}
9. Can I Live [Rmx] Freestyle
10. Snitch
11. Moment Of Clarity {ft. Jay-Z}
12. Brown Paper Bag {ft. Juelz Santana, Fat Foe, Rick Ross & Jezzy Weezy}
13. Dumb Bitch {ft. J.O. & Jon Dog}
14. You Kill Me {ft. Emperor Chi}
15. We Do It Better [Rmx] {ft. Jay Solo}
16. Without You
17. So That Bitch {ft. Elbie}


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