Thursday, September 03, 2009

LaCeY SPyTFiYaH`s "MiND WHiSPeRs"...

I`m sure there`s some folks out there that have no idea who Lacey Spytfiyah is, honestly I had no clue until my homie hook`D me up with the mix~disc (can`t call it a mix~tape `cuz it`s a CD :)....LoL, anyway here`s a lil` background info` on Ms. Lacey Spytfiayh for those that care to know...

Lacey`s repp`N Dallas, Texas & has been rappin` since she was knee high to a grasshopper`s ****. Cochice The Wilderbeast was her first emcee moniker, she chose the name because it described the style of Rap that she was using at the time. She kept on her grind with the lyrics & eventually link`D up with a co~worker from her job at an insurance company. They formed the all female group Cagney & Lacey, obviously this is when she switched up her stage name to Lacey...LoL

"We had hard, grimey lyrics & pretty much male~bashed our way through tracks from beginning to end..."

That`s how Lacey described her group`s style on the mic. As time progressed the group split up, but Lacey still wanted to show the world that she could spit that fire. So that`s when she adopted her current alias, Lacey Spytfiyah & started rippin` the mic with her gutta~glam style of lyrics. She writes reality raps, real Life ish for the folks who may be experiencing it (what she`s speakin` on at the time). She also drops fun music, don`t get it twisted though she ain`t on that PoP shit! So check her out & enjoy...

Lacey Spytfiyah - Mind Whispers
Released: 2009

1. Sticky Icky {ft. Byrd}
2. I`m Coo-Koo
3. Comin` Thru
4. The Thunder, The Lightning
5. Stay Doin` Me
6. Who Am I?
7. Ridin` By, Slidin` By
8. Action Figure
9. Gangsta Killa
10. Anger
11. If I Were Your Woman Nigga
12. Weak Mofos [Skit]
13. Weak Mofos
14. Wanna Walk With U
15. Back Against The Wall
16. Hate On Me
17. Bitch Talkin` Shit




If you only knew... how much I really appreciate the love you showed ya' girl! Thanks a mil :)

HeRBaN LyRiX said...

No probS, just keep droppin` them iLL tracks!!!

STaY BLeSS`n...