Tuesday, September 29, 2009

MC ReN`s "ReNiNCaRNaTeD"...

If ya don`t know who MC Ren is ya need to SLaP ya`self & hit ya` web~browser`s "back" button `cuz you shouldn`t be here.....LoL, seriously! Now for all ya true HiP HoPPaZ what I`ve got for y`all is apparently an advance copy of "Renincarnated"...at least that`s what the file name read, but it`s more than likely leaked promo for some work that MC Ren has done with his Rebel Army group. It`s just a guess though, after all John Doe & Bigg Rocc are featured on just about every track on the album. So I can`t really see this being a TRUE MC Ren album. None~the~less the music is DoPe, so check it out & enjoy...

MC Ren - Renincarnated
Label: N/A
Released: N/A

1. Monster
2. Bringin` It {ft. Bigg Rocc}
3. Radio {ft. John Doe & Bigg Rocc}
4. It`s Nothing {ft. John Doe & Bigg Rocc}
5. In Da Ghetto {ft. John Doe & Bigg Rocc}
6. Don`t Do It {ft. Bigg Rocc}
7. America {ft. John Doe & Bigg Rocc}
8. Bang Wit` Me {ft. John Doe & Bigg Rocc}
9. Deadly {ft. John Doe & Bigg Rocc}
10. No Get Bacc {ft. John Doe & Bigg Rocc}
11. Old Times {ft. John Doe & Bigg Rocc}
12. On My Dicc {ft. John Doe & Bigg Rocc}
13. John Doe {ft. John Doe & Bigg Rocc}



Hanz said...

The album came out last year (2009). It is not an unreleased album. It's official.

HeRBaN LyRiX said...

Actually this album is totally different than the real MC Ren album that you`re talkin` about, just compare the tracklists...

STaY BLeSS`n....