Monday, February 22, 2010

LaDy THuG`s "HooD GLaMoRouS"...

My homie M@RSuPiaL hipp`D me to this joint. Honestly though I haven`t actually got around to checkin` it out yet, but figured I`d post it up while it was still fresh on my mind. My boy says it`s on that Southern tip, she`s got a La Chat or Gangsta Boo~type steez, while the 'mixtape' is hosted by DJ Yo` Favorite DJ -- gotta love the name....LoL, anyways check it out & enjoy...

Lady Thug - Hood Glamorous
Released: 2009

1. It`s Murda
2. Words Of Thugga
3. Rock On
4. Prove That
5. Wipe Me Down
6. Turnin` Heads
7. Getting Money
8. Greedy Grove
9. Tha Lady Speaks
10. Shoot Fiya, Spit Fiya
11. Lady Thug Speaks
12. Block Knocked Off
13. Show `Em Somin`
14. DJ Yo` Favorite DJ Questions
15. My Click
16. You Nighas Ain`t Hard
17. Hood Bitch
18. Bite My Style
19. Thugga Pop
20. So Hard
21. My Boo
22. Scared Of Da Pussy
23. Live Yo` LIfe
24. Feel Me
25. Big Smoove On Fake CEO`s
26. Turnin` Heads [Chopped & Screwed] **BoNuS**
27. It`s Murda [Chopped & Screwed] **BoNuS**



Skill said...

ooo nice album!!!!!!

Lady Thug Da said...

What up herban lyrix! Its ya gurl Lady Thug thanx for the love u are appreciated xxxooox ;) New album coming soon Diamond In The Rough baby Hood Glamorous Ent

HeRBaN LyRiX said...

Thanks for stoppin` by & showin` me some love :) lookin` forward to hearing that new joint! Don`t be shy feel free to lace me with a track or 2 so I can let folks know what you`re bring to the table, keep doin` ya` thang...

STaY BLeSS`n...