Sunday, February 21, 2010

N.i.N.A. a.k.a. LeFT EyE`s "LeT Me LiVe"...

For those of you that have been under a rock & have no idea who Left Eye is I`ll give ya a lil` run down. Lisa Lopes a.k.a. Left Eye was a part of TLC, along side T-Boz & Chilli. The group first appeared on the scene back in 1992 with their debut album "Ooooooohhh...On The TLC Tip". The album did really well, selling something like 6 million. It`s safe to say that the group soon became a household name. A year later the trio dropped "CrazySexyCool" & that album did extremely well selling over 15 million worldwide. In 1999 the group dropped their third album "FanMail", the title was a tribute to TLC`s devoted fans. The fans showed their appreciation by helping the group sell over 10 million copies...

While TLC was recording "FanMail" things between the group`s members began to fall apart. Public conflicts between the 3 of them took place in various magazines. Left Eye had sent a message to Vibe Magazine stating the following;

"I`ve graduated from this era. I cannot stand 100 percent behind this TLC project & the music that is supposed to represent me..."

T-Boz & Chilli responded to Left Eye`s comments thru Entertainment Weekly, stating that Left Eye "doesn`t respect the whole group" & "Left Eye is only concerned with Left Eye..."

So Left Eye sent a letter to Entertainment Weekly challenging both T-Boz & Chilli to release solo albums & have the public/ their fans decide who the greatest member of TLC really is. Here`s what she had to say;

"I challenge Tionne 'Player' Watkins (T-Boz) & Rozonda 'Hater' Thomas (Chilli) to an album entitled "The Challenge"...a 3 CD set that contains three solo albums. Each [album]...will be due to the record label by October 1, 2000...I also challenge Dallas 'The Manipulator' Austin to produce all of the material & do it at a fraction of his normal rate. As I think about it, I`m sure LaFace would not mind throwing in a $1.5 million dollar prize for the winner..."

I`ve got to admit that Left Eye had a great idea, it`s too bad that T-Boz & Chilli were too shook to set up & take "The Challenge". Needless to say after "FanMail" Left Eye started to work on her solo career...

Left Eye started appearing on various songs/ singles, from former Spice Girls Melanie C`s "Never Be The Same Again", Donell Jones` "U Know What`s Up", NSYNC`s "Space Cowboy" & Toni Braxton`s "Gimme Some". She even appeared in 2 GAP commercials, the first one she was featured solo, but the second commercial she was sharing the screen with Sheryl Crow, India Arie & Liz Phair...

Always lookin` to expand her reach Lisa created "Left Eye Productions", this way she could help discover fresh raw talent. The moved paid off because she was able to help Blaque, an R&B trio she discovered, secure a deal thru Columbia Records. Left Eye was the executive producer of their self~titled album. She also made a cameo appearance on the album & also in their music video for "I Do" (you can peep the video here since embedding was disabled). Left Eye was also working on developing another new band called Egypt. They helped her work on her second solo album under her new alias, N.I.N.A. (New Identity Not Applicable). This was around the same time that Left Eye was in talks with Suge Knight wanting to join the label`s roster so she could release that N.I.N.A. album...

She was working on bother her second solo album & the 4th TLC record "3D" when tragedy struck. While she was in La Ceiba, Honduras on April 25, 2002 she was killed in a fatal car accident. Out of the 8 people that were riding with her in the Mitsubishi Montero Sport that she was driving, she was the only fatality. Apparently Left Eye tried to swerve around a truck, but when she did that there was another vehicle heading directly at them on the other side of the road. So in an effort to avoid a head~on collision Left Eye swerved off the road. In the process the vehicle rolled over several times after hitting two trees, throwing Left Eye & three other passengers out the windows. Left Eye died from the severe head injuries that she received in the accident...

She`s definitely missed by many! What I`ve got for y`all is a bootleg, mostly of tracks that Left Eye had been workin` on while she was on Death Row Records. Check it out & enjoy...

N.I.N.A. - Let Me Live [Bootleg]
Label: Death Row Records

1. Block Party [Rmx] {ft. Eastwood & Phobia}
2. Life {ft. Eastwood & Danny Boy}
3. Let Me Live {ft. Crooked I}
4. Universal Quest {ft. Crooked I}

5. Rags 2 Riches {ft. Kurupt}
6. Untouchable {ft. 2Pac}
7. I Believe In Me

8. Hot Lanta {ft. Kurupt & Juvenile}
9. True Confessions
10. Too Street For TV {ft. Danny Boy}
11. Friends {ft. Kurupt & Danny Boy}

R.i.P. Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes...

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