Saturday, March 27, 2010

GaMSHooTeR PReSeNTs: "OBLiGaToRy RaP MuSiC FoR KiDs iN XxXxXL T-SHiRTs"...

Got no idea what happened to my post for this joint back when it first dropped in 2008, but I`m definitely fixing the fact that this isn`t up on the BLoG! Now for those of you that aren`t familiar with Gamshooter you can check the lil` Q&A Session I had with him back in March of 2008. As for this compilation, all I gotta say is that the ish is MaD FReSH even 2 years after it was dropped!!!

Visitors of this BLoG should be somewhat familiar with Gamshooter`s work from the Angerville posts that I`ve dropped, but this compilation gives you a much broader example of what Gamshooter can do behind the boards. Like it`s title, "Obligatory Rap Music For Kids In XXXXXL T-Shirts" is a bit on the long side. So this is definitely one for the mp3 player/ i-Pod since it`s about 85 minutes long, so CD lovers will have to choose to do without a track or 2. This compilation has a little bit of something for every listener; you have the deep thought provoking tracks, underground HiP HoP joints, political raps & even some more club oriented joints. So go `head & take it all in I`m sure that you`ll find a few tracks that you`ll DiG...

Gamshooter Presents: Obligatory Rap Music For Kids In XXXXXL T-Shirts
Released: 2008
Label: N/A

1. T-Dot Intro {Gamshooter}
2. Home Base [Rmx Verse] {Eternia}
3. Music {Sun Zoo}
4. Spark The Fuego {Bishop Brigante}
5. Clear My Chest {T-West}
6. Hold Your Tongue Pt. 2 {Diabolic & KDot}
7. New York 1 TV News Spot [Skit] {Koba}
8. Where I Go {Koba & Miles Solay (Outernational)}
9. GrrrEazy {Mason Payne}
10. Deliverance {Angerville}
11. In Session [Rmx] {Nish Raawks}
12. I Don`t Live Here {Rain}
13. Time After Time {Bishop Brigante}
14. Korrupted Seeds {Bricks}
15. What About Me? {Nekos ft. Elliott Scars & Koba}
16. Nah I Ain`t {Vice Raw & Bishop Brigante}
17. Mamasita [Rmx] {Collie Buddz}
18. Ghetto America {Sky Zoo}
19. Rumors {Felony}
20. Sleep Tight {Nish Raawks}
21. Gifted {Vice Raw ft. Koba & A-Lex}
22. Saturday {Masia One ft. Tanika Charles}
23. King Of The Mic [Throwback Verse] {Point Game}
24. Yeahh {Esjay & Scorsese}
25. One Sip {Sun Zoo}
26. Baby Hair {Dutchy Bonez, Phact & EsJay ft. Zac}
27. Blood, Sweat & Tears [Mixtape Version] {Phact}
28. Cinderella Man {Vice Raw}
29. The Rain {Sun Zoo}
30. Outro {Gamshooter}


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Chrysovalanti Chrysti Walters said...

Hey Herban, this is Chrysti from Platform One Entertainment in Chicago. Not too long ago, I sent you some of P1’s new hip hop/R&B material for some honest feedback, a review, or airplay. I sent you track links to two of our new artists Wordsmith, who had an album release last week called Vintage Experience and Riz who has two new tracks (“Rock the bed” produced by Akon) and “She Loves Me.” Riz also just signed with Ultra records (Pibull, David Guetta, etc) and his album is set to drop this summer! In case you have not received the track links to these artists, Below are the links to Wordsmith’s first singles included in his Vintage Experience album, “The Next Level Experience and Hook Up Hotline” and Riz’s new tracks “Rock the Bed” and “She Loves Me.”

Please let me know if you can hit me back with comments, if you would like bios/pics/etc on Riz or Wordsmith, or if you would like to give any coverage. We would love and appreciate anything you can offer.

Please e mail me back at
Thanks again.

Much peace and love