Saturday, April 24, 2010

E-A SKi`s "EaRTHQuaKe"...

E-A Ski is a seriously slept on Producer/ Rapper from Oakland, California. He dropped his debut album "1 Step Ahed Of Yall" back in 1992 thru No Limit Records, I`ll post that up a lil` later. On the production side of things, along with his pot`na CMT he`s produced tracks for the likes of Spice-1, TRU, Kam, Luniz, Master P, Ice-T, Mr. Mike, Crime Boss, Ka`Nut, Ice Cube, Jayo Felony, Dual Committee, DenGee, B-Legit, Yukmouth, Thug Lordz, Mistah F.A.B., San Quinn, Messy Marv, Dem Hoodstarz, Bullys Wit` Fullys, Frontline, Too $hort, Locksmith & Turf Talk...

What I have for y`all is the unreleased 1998 album that E-A Ski had submitted while signed to DreamWorks Records. When I first got this the tracks were all .wma files so I just flipped `em into mp3`s for both myself & y`all. As for the album, I really have no idea as to why the label decided not to released it because it`s FUCK`n BaNG`n! I do know that E-A Ski was planning to file a 20-30 million dollar lawsuit (for breach of written & breach of implied contract of good faith & fair dealing, breach of written overhead contract & fraud), after all he had the album done (completed by January of 1998) the label heard it before they signed him but they refused to release it after he was signed. I have no idea if he ever decided to take things to court or not though...

Here`s what E-A Ski said in an interview with Allstar;

"I had just left my situation with Relativity, & Mr. Jheryl Busby was very interested, & he heard my album ("Earthquake") & was blown away. We get into this lucrative deal with I.M.G. (Infrared Music Group), the label I operate, to come to DreamWorks, & I had other offers on the table, but he was real interested. And then they`re talking about not putting the record out. I`m like 'What? How do you hear this, then all of a sudden you`re not putting it out?' He said it wasn`t commercially satisfying. If it wasn`t, then why did they sign the album? I`m hearing all kinds of things from the attorneys, that Jheryl was getting flack for signing the kind of deal he deal with me. They offered me a lot of money & the points were great. 18 points, & basically he`s getting flack for that"...

E-A Ski – Earthquake
Released: N/A (1998)
Label: N/A (DreamWorks Records)

1. Showdown {ft. Montell Jordan}
2. Earthquake {ft. Ice Cube}
3. Faces Of Death
4. 25 With A Mill Ticket
5. 4 Centimeters
6. Anticipation
7. Bag Of Chips {ft. Boss Hogg}
8. Player Haters {ft. Ice-T}
9. Welcome To California
10. I`mma Get U High {ft. 3re Tha Hardaway}
11. Dr. Dre & Mr. Ski {ft. Dr. Dre}
12. Blast If I Have To
13. Maddoggin` {ft. Jayo Felony}
14. Now What {ft. Spice-1}
15. I.M.G.
16. Showdown [Instrumental]
17. Untitled [Instrumental]



Hanz said...

I don't how you found those tracks. Great find & post.

HeRBaN LyRiX said...

Thanks for ya` comment, one of my homies hooked it up for me...

STaY BLeSS`n...

Hanz said...

Alright I knew that was up.