Saturday, April 24, 2010

ToPLeFT ReCoRDiNGs PReSeNTs: "CaNaDa vs U.S.A."...

Got a DoPe compilation for y`all that was put together by TopLeft Recordings. Don`t be silly & take the title literally though because there`s no battling here, this joint was put together to showcase the talent that resides on both sides of the border. Go `head & check it out for ya`self, you`ll be glad that ya did...

TopLeft Recordings Presents: Canada vs. USA
Label: Top Left Recordings
Released: 2009

1. My Time {P-Dollaz ft. Jay-NY} [Prod. by Boi1da]
2. No Joke {Angerville ft. Tek & DJ Law} [Prod. by Scarchelli]
3. Brownsville Grind {Tamppa}
4. Eyeball {Saigon} [Prod. by Just Blaze]
5. Trunk Music {Strong Arm Steady ft. The Game}
6. Hustlaz Everywhere {Magnum 357 ft.Planet Asia} [Prod. by Dirtwork]
7. State Your Game {Deams ft. Big Daddy Kane} [Prod. by DJ Premier]
8. Depression {Jay Rock}
9. Cross Seas {Illuminati X}
10. Broken Safety Pt. 2 {Sean Price} [Prod. by Scram Jones]
11. No Contenders {Pr1me ft. Guilty Simpson} [Prod. by Dae One]
12. Don`t Be Mad {E.A.S.T.S.I.D.E.U.P. ft. Methadist} [Prod. by Lyr1kz]
13. You Can Live {Dillin Hoox ft. Copywrite & JmorE}
14. Come Home To Me{Rain} [Prod. by J Cole]
15. So Hard {Alex Dimez} [Sound Resolve Studios]
16. Forever {Drake ft. Kanye West, Lil` Wayne & Eminem} [Prod by Boi1da]


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