Sunday, June 06, 2010

BiLLy The KiDD (a.k.a. DeFaRi) PReSeNTs: "The SaLooN MuSiC LP"...

Here`s a DoPe, but over~look`D album from Defari of The Likwit Crew fame -- not too sure what the whole 'Billy The Kidd' thing is about though (if anyone knows school me!). The LP`s got beats that are handled by The Alchemist (track #2), Evidence (track #3), The Barber Kiz (tracks 5 & 9), Joey Chavez (track #6), Barbershop Drevin (track #8) & E-Swift (tracks 11 to 13). "Say It Twice" has got to be the iLLeST joint on here, I just love how the beat thumps in my ride! Anyway, there`s other bangers as well like "Develop Tools" & "Clear The Lane" -- go `head & check it out...

L.A.'s Own Billy The Kidd Presents - The Saloon Music LP
Released: 2000
Label: ABB

1. Intro
2. Ralo R.I.P. Jam
3. Say It Twice
4. Interlude #1
5. Aged Whiskey Aged Remy {ft. Chuck Hustle}
6. Develop Tools
7. Interlude #2
8. The Unforgettable {ft. Veronica Mendez}
9. Real Not Fake {ft. Chocolate Ty}
10. Interlude #3
11. Clear The Lane {Phil Da Agony ft. Defari}
12. Big Up (`95 Classic Material)
13. Big Up [Instr.]


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