Saturday, June 26, 2010

FeMaLe FoNK`s "SuCKa FRee"...

Today I`ve got a lil` somethin` for y`all that I really don`t know much about at all, so like always if someone out there can school me ya better do it up!....LoL, not too sure if this was ever released on compact disc, but this cassette rip doesn`t sound all that bad. I kind of wish that I knew a lot more about this release, I can`t even tell ya the names of the group`s 2 members. Anyways don`t let my lack of info` for y`all deter ya for DL`n this joint, it`s definitely worth a listen! These honeys rock over funky beats with a sort of J.J. Fad type steez without being so party~like, "Sucka Free" is the standout joint for me. Go `head & check it out...

Released: 1993

1. Land Of Fonk
2. Victim Of Society
3. Games Bitches Play
4. Breakin` `Em Down
5. Sucka Free
6. Kickin` It
7. Young Life
8. The 1
9. Keep The Fonk Flowin`
10. Outro


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