Saturday, December 11, 2010

RaPPiN` RoN & AnT DiDDLeY DoG`s "Bad N-FLueNZ"...

Here`s some good ol` Bay Area HiP HoP for y`all from 2 individuals that are really overlook`D in my book! So much so that I couldn`t find a whole lot of info` on `em. Rappin` Ron & Ant Diddley Dog were at one point down with Too $hort`s Dangerous Crew (check Too $hort`s "Get In Where You Fit In") as well as Cell Block Records & are probably most remembered for their hit "Smokin` Season". Unfortunately Rappin` Ron is no longer with us, in 1997 he passed away from a car accident. While on his way home from a hard day`s work he fell asleep at the wheel & crashed. If you`re at all curious, I definitely suggest you take the time to check this album out...

Rappin` Ron & Ant Diddley Dog - Bad N-Fluenz (Repress)
Label: Cell Block Records
Released: 1995

1. Intro
2. All Rapped Up
3. Summertime
4. The Bomb {ft. Ant Banks}

5. Buster Free
6. Ruff Like Pavement
7. P.H. Balance
8. You Ain`t Heard Shit Yet
9. Dirty Work {ft. Mr. ILL, Seagram & Too $hort}
10. Maniac Mind
11. How The Gangsters Do It
12. I`m A Bad N-Fluenz
13. Private Cries

14. Pulls Out My Flamer

R.i.P. RaPPiN` RoN...

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