Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bo$$` "ReCiPe Of A Hoe b/w BoRn GaNGSTa" [12 iNCH]

Back again with another 12 inch from Bo$$ for y`all, this one was released in 1993 on Def Jam West. The first track "Recipe Of A Hoe" was produced by Mic Professah. It`s beat may sound familiar to some because it contains a sample from "Impeach The President". "Born Gangsta" was produced by AMG & also features Admiral D (I`ve got no idea who he is, someone feel free to school me!). Both tracks are well worth the listen so go `head & check `em out...

Label: Rush Associated Labels/ Def Jam West
Released: 1993

A1. Recipe Of A Hoe [Radio Edit] (Prod. by Mic Professah)
A2. Recipe Of A Hoe [Instr.] (Prod. by Mic Professah)
B1. Recipe Of A Hoe [LP Version] (Prod. by Mic Professah)
B2. Born Gangsta {ft. Admiral D} (Prod. by AMG)


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