Monday, April 11, 2011

Too $HoRT`s "iN The TRuNK" [12 iNCH]...

Some good ol` Too $hort for y`all today, taking it back to 1992 with this post. There`s 2 reasons why I`m sharing this one with y`all. The first one is simple really; I`m a BiG fan of $hort Dog, but I haven`t heard too many of his 12 inch singles. As a young buck all I heard was Too $hort`s albums, you know the cassettes & then later on the CD`s. So when I do come up on a 12 inch of his it`s kind of iLL for me because I get to hear a few of the more obscure joints. I`m sure that I`m not the only one....LoL, the second reason for sharing this one is because DJ Premier did some production on this single, a fact that may be surprising to some of y`all HiP HoP heads...

On the production side of things Ant Banks, DJ Premier, Pee Wee & even Too $hort deliver some decent bump`N beats. The only track on this 12 inch that I had heard previously was the Too $hort produced "In The Trunk" since it`s from his 1992 album "Shorty The Pimp". I actually enjoy the LP Version more than Ant Banks` "Trunk O` Funk Mix", but Bank`s version is still on the funky tip. One thing that I noticed, on the label of the 12 inch it lists Ant Banks as the producer of the "In The Trunk [Glove Compartment Street Mix]", while DJ Premier is the producer of the Radio Mix & Instrumental. My guess is that it`s a simple mistake & DJ Premier should`ve been given credit for the Street Mix. Another great thing about this single is that you also get "I Ain`t Nothin` But A Dog [Live Rmx]", it`s a bit on the obscure side -- at least to me it is....LoL, anyways that`s enough ramblin` go on & check the music out...

Label: Jive 
Released: 1992

A1. In The Trunk [Trunk O` Funk Mix] (Prod. by Ant Banks)
A2. In The Trunk [LP Version] (Prod. by Too $hort)
A3. In The Trunk [Glove Compartment Street Mix] (Prod. by DJ Premier)
A4. In The Trunk [LP Instr.]
B1. In The Trunk [Radio Mix] (Prod. by Ant Banks)
B2. In The Trunk [Glove Compartment Radio Mix] (Prod. by DJ Premier)
B3. In The Trunk [Glove Compartment Instr.] (Prod. by DJ Premier)
B4. I Ain`t Nothin` But A Dog [Live Rmx] (Prod. by Pee Wee)


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