Wednesday, May 25, 2011

LaDy Of RaGe`s "V.A. 2 L.A."...

Yes, yes y`all back again with a lil` gem that I had been lookin` for since I lost it a few years ago. That`s why I hate lending out my ish......LoL, fortunately for me my homie DiRTy KooL AiD was nice enough to give it to me as a gift, puttin` an end to my searchin`. I`m a BiG Lady Of Rage fan if ya couldn`t tell....LoL, so of course I`ma share this one with y`all as well. It`s actually an independently released mixtape~type album that Rage released thru her own Boss Lady Entertainment label back in 2005. Apparently it was released as promo for a new album that she was said to be workin` on at the time. Who knows, if it`s that`s true maybe she`ll be dropping that 'new album' in the near future. After all it`s only been 7 years, ya never know...LoL

As for "V.A. 2 L.A." it`s a decent listen, fans of Rage will definitely DiG it. You get a nice lil` mix of some of her previously released work, new tracks & tracks done over other artists beats, mixtape style. The DJ Premier produced "Unfuckwitable" is off the "Doggy Style Allstars - Welcome To The House Vol. 1" album released in 2002 on Doggystyle Records. "Afro Puffs [Original & Remix]" is just the original joint that`s featured on the "Above The Rim Soundtrack" with the "Afro Puffs [Extended Remix]" blended into it halfway thru the track. "Old Skool" is just a part of Rage`s verse from "Puffin` On Blunts & Drankin` Tangueray" mixed with a part of Rage`s verse from "Stranded On Death Row" & that`s mixed with Rage`s verse from "Set It Off" off Snoop Dogg`s "Tha Last Meal" album...

The new tracks are pretty dope, I`m DiGG`n "Put U Up On Rage", "No, No, No", "V.A. Mo` Money" & "Boss Lady". Rage also introduces the listeners to Doc Strange, I`m guessin` that he`s an artist that she was working with at the time (I`m not familiar with him, someone feel free to school me). His introduction track, "Ten Pimp Commandments" has him spittin` the apparent rules of the pimp game over Biggie`s "Ten Crack Commandments" beat, he`s also featured on "There They Go". As a lil` added bonus there`s even a lil` humor on this mixtape~album courtesy of the "Interview [Skit]", The Poetess is actin` as if she`s interviewing the likes of R. Kelly, Jacki-O, Jay-Z, Fat Joe & a few other kats except when it comes to their response to her question a sample of the artist`s music is used for the response....LoL, similar to how Chris Rock did it. Anyway, go on & check it out you`ll be glad you did...

Label: Boss Lady Entertainment
Released: 2005

1. Intro To V.A. 2 L.A.
2. I`m Comin`
3. Put U Up On Rage {ft. Diamonique}
4. The West Needs Me
5. DPG Set {ft. RBX & Goldie Loc}
6. Ten Pimp Commandments (Introducing Doc Strange)
7. No, No, No
8. V.A. Mo` Money {ft. Big Sty}
9. Afro Puffs [Original & Rmx] {ft. Snoop Dogg}
10. Boss Lady
11. Bow Down
12. There They Go {ft. Doc Strange}
13. Get `Em Girl
14. Unfuckwitable
15. Old Skool
16. The Interview [Skit] {ft. The Poetess}
17. Str8 Outta V.A.


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