Saturday, May 21, 2011

LeFT EyE`s "SuPeRNoVa [BooTLeG]"...

It`s kind of hard to believe that it`s been 9 years since Left Eye was tragically killed in a car accident, I know that I can`t be the only one that`s missing her nasally pitch on the mic. Anyways this post really comes courtesy of my homie DiRTy KooL AiD, he hit me up with this joint in an email. It`s obviously on the bootleg~tip, especially since it clocks in at a lil` over 100 minutes of music. So unfortunately for y`all CD lovers it`s not gon` fit onto a standard 80 minute disc (unless ya burn it as an mp3 CD), this one`s for ya` i-Pods & mp3 players...

What you`re gettin` here is the bootleg version of Left Eye`s "Supernova" that was originally released in 2001 on Arista Records. So not only do you get all the tracks from the retail album but ya get a few collabo`s that she`s done on the solo~tip without TLC, aside from "My Secret Enemy" featuring T-Boz. There were only 2 singles released from "Supernova"; "The Block Party" & I believe "Hot!" was the second joint. Anyway this bootleg does a nice job displaying the talents that Left Eye had to offer in her music, so if you`re a fan you should definitely check it out...

Label: N/A
Released: 2001

1. Life Is Like A Park {ft. Carl Thomas}
2. Hot!
3. The Block Party
4. Let Me Live
5. Jenny {ft. Jazze Pha}
6. I Believe In Me
7. Rags To Riches {ft. Andre Rison}
8. True Confessions {ft. Angela Hunte}
9. Untouchable {ft. 2Pac}
10. Head To The Sky {ft. Blaque}
11. The Universal Quest {ft. Esthero}
12. A New Star Is Born {ft. Tangi Forman}
13. Breathe {ft. Grant Geissman}
14. U Know What`s Up {ft. Donell Jones}
15. My Secret Enemy {ft. T-Boz}
16. Friends {ft. Cassandra Lucas}
18. Never Be The Same Again {ft. Melanie C}
19. Gimme Some {ft. Toni Braxton}
20. How Do You Like It? {ft. Keith Sweat}
21. Ladies Night {ft. Lil` Kim, Angie Martinez, Da Brat & Missy Elliott}
22. Losing You {ft. Brian McKnight}
23. I Don`t Love You [Rmx]

R.i.P. LeFT Eye...

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