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CL`CHe`s "CLaSyFyD LaDy"...

Today I`ve got some good ol` Texas flava for y`all...Houston, Texas to be exact. What I`m hittin` y`all with is  Cl`Che`'s debut album titled "Clasyfyd Lady", it dropped back in 1998 on After Life Records. Up here in the O~DouBLe T it`s a pretty rare album to find in the stores, but I was fortunate enough to find it in a pawn shop for $5. The only downside is that it didn`t included the album`s cover art, oh well at least I have the CD:) Now this isn`t the first post that I`ve dropped on Cl`Che`, you can peep the collabo` mixtape "Hustle hard Pt. 2" that she did with Ms. Toi right here. Cl`Che` even stopped by posted a comment & schooled me on who she was, so now for y`all folks out there that don`t really know of her I`ll give ya a lil` run down on who Cl`Che` is & what she`s about before I get into her album...

First off Cl`Che` isn`t a one trick pony, when it comes to the music not only does she hold it down on the mic when she`s spittin` her raps, but she also sings -- so ya get a dual bonus for ya` ears. She first introduced herself to the HiP HoP world in 1998 with her debut album "Clasyfyd Lady", since then she`s dropped a good 10 albums (mostly on the independent tip). Some of the albums titles that I know of are "U Don`t Hear Me Doe", "Off Da Chain" & "May 17th Drop Date". She`s also the mind behind the "Hustle Hard" mixtape series, the 4th part in this series is going to be an R&B/ HiP HoP/ Inspirational joint titled "Still Hood, But Saved: Hustle Hard Part 4"...

Here`s a trailer for the "Hustle Hard Part 3" DVD/ CD set...

As you can see Cl`Che` has a very strong work ethic, she stays busy no question. Even though she`s mostly on the independent grind she has worked with some mainstream artists thru~out her career; Lil` KeKe, Lil` Flip, 8Ball & MJG, Z-Ro, Sole`, Ms. Toi & Doggy`s Angels to name a few. She`s also an affiliate of the late & legendary DJ Screw`s Screwed Up Click, her freestyles & tracks received much love on Screw`s CLaSSiC mixtapes. Cl`Che` is also doing a lot of positive things for women worldwide thru her women`s movement S.H.E., which stands for "Sister Hood Everlasting" -- they do fundraisers & motivational events to help feed the needy. I think it`s great when artists give back to their communities so I can only BiG~uP Cl`Che` & her efforts...

Now let`s get to "Clasyfyd Lady" shall we? It`s definitely a good listen, what makes this joint so enjoyable is that Cl`Che` covers a wide range of topics -- from relationships, dealing with the pressures of Life, Southside pride, sisterhood guidance & stackin` paper just to name a few. The beats are pretty solid thru~out the album & compliment both Cl`Che`s raps & her singin` (especially on the hooks). Standout tracks for me are; "2 Much Pressure", "Bi-Boogie [Rmx]" (which samples "Sexual Healing"), "Sista To Sista" & "Get Yours". So definitely give this a listen you will be glad you did...

Released: November 24, 1998
Label: After Life Records

1. The Amusement Park [Intro]
2. Bi-Boogie {ft. Lil` Scrap}
3. 2 Much Pressure
4. Clasyfyd Lady
5. Ridin` 2-D-Top
6. Interlude Pt. 1
7. Can`t Nobody {ft. Hawk}
8. Teenage Love
9. Bi-Boogie [Rmx]
10. Sista To Sista
11. It`s On You
12. The Store [Skit]
13. Arouse Me
14. Don`t Leave
15. Hit `Em Spree
16. Interlude Pt. 2
17. Here After
18. Teenage Love [House Rmx]
19. No Other Love
20. Get Yours

CLASYFYD ENT. 832-292-8498


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