Sunday, February 05, 2012

DFC`s "THiNGs iN Tha HooD" [CD SiNGLe]...

Here`s another CD Single from 1994 by Da Funk Clan a.k.a. DFC titled "Things In Tha Hood", just like the album that this Single`s from. One thing that I noticed almost right away was the fact that Nate Dogg doesn`t appear on any of the versions on this Single even though he`s featured on the LP version of the track. Instead Reuben Cruz from Po` Broke & Lonely? (the R&B group that dropped their debut album on Ruthless Records) takes his place on all three versions on this Single. He does a good job, definitely no complaints here -- he`s just not Nate D-O-Double G. Warren G produced the Radio & Extended versions while Chris "The Glove" Taylor produced the Remix. Maybe it`s because I used to bump the "Things In Tha Hood" album in my Sony Walkman a lot back in my high school days, but personally I still like the LP version of "Things In Tha Hood" more. However these versions here aren`t bad by any means, so go on & give `em a listen for ya`self...

Label: Assault Records/ Big Beat Records
Released: 1994

1. Things In Tha Hood [Radio Edit] {ft. Reuben Cruz of Po` Broke & Lonely?}
2. Things In Tha Hood [Extended Version] {ft. Reuben Cruz of Po` Broke & Lonely?}
3. Things In Tha Hood [Rmx] {ft. Reuben Cruz of Po` Broke & Lonely?}
4. Things In Tha Hood [Instr.]


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