Friday, March 30, 2012

XZiBiT`s "PaPaRaZZi" [CD SiNGLe]...

What`s up y`all? I haven`t been able to post anything up the last week or so because my computer was infected with a virus or something. Needless to say it was totally fucked! Thankfully my lil` bro` was able to put a band~aid on things & get my computer up & running again, much appreciated bro! Now let`s get to the music shall we???

What I have to share with y`all today is a 1996 CD Single from Mr. "Pimp My Ride" a.k.a. Xzibit titled "Paparazzi". The single`s from his solo album "At The Speed Of Life" also released in the same year. I remember this E-Swift produced track very well because it was really the first time that I had heard Xzibit rap. It was gettin` plenty of rotation up on the college Hip Hop radio shows at the time of it`s release. I dug the beat, but really dug the lyrics because Xzibit was spittin` the real. That`s how I was feelin` about the game at the time, actually it`s still pretty much how I feel to this day....LoL, anyways give it a listen I know you enjoy it...

Label: RCA
Released: 1996

1. Paparazzi [Radio Version Clean]
2. Paparazzi [Club Version Dirty]
3. Paparazzi [Instr.]
4. Paparazzi [A Cappella]


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