Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mr. MiKe`s "WiCKeD WaYZ"...

Headin` on down to Texas (Houston to get specific) with this post. I was fortunate enough to come across Mr. Mike`s debut album titled "Wicked Wayz" for a reasonable 2 bucks so I decided to pick it up. This joint dropped back in 1996 thru Suave House Records/ Relativity Records. Now as for who Mr. Mike is I can`t really tell ya, I`m sorry....LoL, on the album cover it says he`s a part of South Circle. I found out that they were another group that was signed to Suave House around 1995 which is when they dropped the album titled "Anotha Day Anotha Balla" -- aside from that I know nothing about Mr. Mike...

I apologize, I`m not totally up on the whole Texas scene yet - the Hip Hop Map`s quite big to cover.....LoL, excuses - anyway let`s talk about the music. Beat~wise we are blessed with some knock`N~ass shit that has some definite G-Funk influence, but there`s also that good ol` Texas vibe to `em as well. That`s all thanks to the likes of Suave House`s production team Smoke One Productions & the underrated Oakland duo of E-A-Ski & CMT. On the mic Mr. Mike does his thang, sure he`s no Rakim but this man can sure as fuck flow & his lyrics are pretty good too! So what does this mean? Well I will tell ya, you`re in for an DoPe listen that`s what!!! I suggest maybe throwin` this joint into your ride & lettin` it BuMP while you roll thru ya` hood with it on blast `cuz it`s sure to give your speakers a good workout. Feature~wise ya get a nice lil` mix of West Coast kats like E-A-Ski & Ice Cube as well as some Down South folks like Eightball, MJG & Nola. Oh I can`t forget that the East Coast gets in on the features too....LoL, Christion handles the hook on "Where Is Ya` Love?". Y`all may remember them as an R&B group that was down with Roc-A-Fella Records at the time of this album`s release (they even dropped an album with the Roc titled "Ghetto Cyrano" in 1997). What`s great about "Wicked Wayz" is that Mr. Mike holds his own no matter who may be featured on the tracks with him, I ReSPeCT that...

The albums starts off with what probably comes to most as a a surprise, that`s the "Intro"....LoL, jokes. E-A-Ski gives the listeners a lil` briefing on what they`re about the hear, then we`re hit with the Mr. Mike & E-A-Ski collabo` "Southwest". It`s a DoPe track showin` that South & West Coast unity backed by a nice, funky & thumpin` beat that caters to both sides. "G`s Perspective" is an introspective joint backed by another smoothed out G-Funk type of beat courtesy of E-A-Ski & CMT. "Where Is Ya` Love?" has a nice laid~back kind of vibe to it with R&B group Christion signing the hook while Mr. Mike kicks some knowledge. I believe that it was one if not the only joint that was released as a single for this album. "Total Shock" starts off with a lil` intro of some fools gettin` shot up in a drive~by then Mr. Mike takes the album into a darker place spittin` some 'Killer Instinct' ish over a demonic soundin` backdrop. "Untouchable" follows featuring some vocals from Nina Creque, this joint brings the sun back out on the album.....LoL, with it`s nice chill`D~out vibes while Mike spits some of them braggidocious lyrics. "Can You Feel Me?" is definitely a hard~ass track backed by a crazy menacin` beat, serious Mob Funk right here...

"Midtro: Here`s Your Ticket" is a short lil` track just over a minute long, it`s too bad because it`s pretty iLL. It`s a cool way to break up the album though, hey at least homie didn`t decide to place a stupid~ass skippable skit in it`s place. Next up is the album`s title track "Wicked Wayz" which is also an Ice Cube collabo`. Both kats do their thang well & complement each other`s styles on the mic. "Da Boogie Man" may have a weak~ass hook ("Gangsta Boogie, Gangsta Boogie" repeated over & over....LoL), but the G-Funk`N beat more than makes up for it. Trust me it`s gon` make ya` trunk rattle! "Dope Fiction" follows & it features an appearance from O.C. of The Scientists, who they are I couldn`t tell ya. What I can tell ya is that both Mike & O.C. spit some decent verses sendin` shots to all the fake fraudulent mu` fuckas in the Rap game. Speakin` of game, that`s just what Mr. Mike is spittin` on "Game Affiliated" over a good ol` funky beat. Next up is the hazy "In The Midst Of Smoke" which features female rapper Nola. It`s the first track that I`ve ever heard her on so I have no clue who she really is. Maybe she`s an artist that was down with Suave House, who knows? Someone can school me I`m sure, anyway the track`s got an eerie vibe to it...LoL

Mr. Mike lets the listeners know just what he gives `em when he`s spittin` on "Life On Tha Line" over the backdrop provided by Smoke One Productions. The last song on the album is a collabo` with fellow label mates (at the time), the legendary Eightball & MJG titled "Stop Lying". The beat is on some Pimpadelic Space Funk with it`s wild synths & mellow`D out drum thumps while Mike, `Ball & MJG warn folks to watch what they spit out their mouth. All three kats rock the mic in an enjoyable fashion. So there ya have it y`all, honestly there really isn`t any garbage joints on this album so go `head & check it out for ya`self...

Label: Suave House Records/ Relativity Records
Released: 1996

1. Intro {ft. E-A-Ski}
2. Southwest {ft. E-A-Ski}
3. G`s Perspective
4. Where Ya` Love At? {ft. Christion}
5. Total Shock
6. Untouchable {ft. Nina Creque}
7. Can You Feel Me?
8. Midtro: Here`s Your Ticket
9. Wicked Wayz {ft. Ice Cube}
10. Da Boogie Man
11. Dope Fiction {ft. O.C. of The Scientists}
12. Game Affiliation
13. In The Midst Of Smoke {ft. Nola}
14. Life On Tha Line
15. Stop Lying {ft. Eightball & MJG}


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