Thursday, September 19, 2013

ARaBiaN PRiNCe`s "WHeRe`s My ByTCHeS?"...

What`s happenin` y`all? Hope all is well & Life is treatin` ya good. Today I have another album from Arabian Prince courtesy of the home G~NuT who seen my "Brother Arab" album post & told me that I needed to hear (& share with the blog) the Arabian Prince`s 1993 album titled "Where`s My Bytches?" So BiG props goes out to him, your suggestion & link were very much appreciated. Now let`s get to the music shall we???

For those of you who couldn`t really get into the Electro~Funk~Party vibe of his "Brother Arab" album then this joint should be a lil` more to your liking. It`s definitely more of a Rap album, sure the topics may be a lil` on the repetitive side but it has way more rappin` on it & the beats fall more into the Hip Hop arena. This is actually his second album after "Brother Arab", he had put together a follow up album titled "The Underworld" but EMI shelved it because it was a lil` more on the dark side when compared to "Brother Arab" so instead of taking a risk they got scared & decided not to release it. Here`s what he said about the unreleased album during a lil` interview with back in 2008 (peep the rest of the interview here)...

"After N.W.A., I put an album on EMI/Orpheus, the "Brother Arab" album, which had "She`s Got A Big Posse", and stuff like that. It was more party music still uptempo, more club uptempo, not Electro uptempo. Then, after that, I did another album for EMI, called "The Underworld", which was more dark. My sound has always been a dark sound anyway. They were kinda scared of it. It got four or five stars, but they never released it, `cause they were scared. Its still sitting on DAT`s. One day I`m gonna drop that out"...

I`m kind of curious about that unreleased joint, it`ll probably make for an interesting listen but let`s get back to this "Where`s My Bytches?" album. Now I`m sure some of y`all are saying that the Arabian Prince decided to get all 'Gangsta Pimpish' on this joint because he was trying to capitalize off of the whole N.W.A. controversy since his first album after leaving the group didn`t do so well sales~wise, but that`s not the case. Well according to the Arabian Prince the content of the album was very much influenced by a girl that he was dating at the time, here`s what he said about the album (from the previously mentioned interview)...

" I did "Where`s My Bytches?" which was all sexist stuff. I had been in this relationship, man, and this girl pissed me off right in the middle of my album. I was like, Aw man, you gonna piss me off? Here, let me dedicate this to you! [Laughs] but it was still good music though..."

Maybe the chick that was the album`s inspiration is the one on the back cover.....LoL, only the Arabian Prince knows for sure. Anyways if you can look beyond the repetitive topics of sex, bitches & pimpin` the album`s not too shabby at all. What really stands out the most in my opinion is the beats that back up the Prince`s less than stellar lyrics, they really get your speakers thumpin` that`s for sure. So go `head & give it a listen...

Label: Da Bozak Records
Released: 1993

1. Where`s My Bytches [Intro]
2. Ho`s 2 Bozak
3. Where Ya Been Bytch?
4. Gotta Get Some Pussy Quick
5. Shoulda Stayed In My Bed
6. 2 Ply
7. Up 2 No Good
8. Tha Underworld
9. Treat Ya Like A Ho
10. Hoochie Momma
11. Give It Up Tonight
12. A Poem From A Pimp
13. Sex
14. A Little Jazz 4 Yo` Azz
15. Outro


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