Wednesday, May 09, 2007

MC LyTe`S "EYeS On THiS"...

MC Lyte: Eyes On This
Released: 1989
Label: First Priority

1. Cha Cha Cha
2. Slave 2 The Rhythm
3. Cappucino
4. Stop, Look, Listen
5. Throwin` Words At U
6. Not Wit` A Dealer
7. Survival Of The Fittest [Rmx]
8. Shut The Eff Up! (Hoe)
9. I Am The Lyte
10. Rhyme Hangover
11. Funky Song
12. Please Understand
13. K-Rocks Housin`

Many headZ tell me that this album is Lyte`s best work, I simply disagree because I feel that her 1993 album "Ain`t No Other" is much better overall. This joint`s still some CLaSSiC HiP HoP none~the~less! LotS of bragg`N, sucka emcee DiSS`n....or femcee DiSS`n on "Shut The Eff Up! (Hoe)" where Lyte lyrically attackS Antoinette. "Cappucino" has to be the album`s standout track though, my favorite as well! It`s an iLL story~telling gem in which Lyte stopS at a Manhattan cafe & gets caught up in some rival drug dealerS` gun~play. Then she findS herself asking; "Why, oh why, did I need cappucino?" in the after~Life. Definitely a DoPe album worth the listen...


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