Tuesday, June 12, 2007

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs: "HiT THiS CHiEF"...

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs: HiT THiS CHieF

1. Intro
2. Weedspots {Ace Lover ft. Uncle Paulie}
3. Puff-Puff Pass {Young Lay}
4. Smoke Season {Bad N-Fluenz}
5. Blow Treez {Redman ft. Ready Roc & Method Man}
6. Wickedest Weed {Ruffa}
7. Rock & Comeen [Daytime Mix] {Lady Apache ft. Finsta Bundy}
8. Typewriter [Trackmasterz Rmx] {Louie Rankin}
9. Best Pump-Pum {Lady Saw}
10. Cocky Liquor [Skit]
11. Greedy Bitches {Ghostface ft. Redman & Shawn Wigs}
12. She Want That Money {Devin The Dude ft. Odd Squad}
13. Trans DF Express {Dungeon Family}
14. The Bomb {Ray Cash ft. Yummi}
15. Hustlers {Nas ft. Game & Marsha of Floetry}
16. Muted Cartoons {DJ Yoda ft. Akinyelle}
17. Dreams Of Fuckin` A Cartoon Bitch {Thirstin Howl III}
18. NYCPD {Dangerouz Waters}
19. Sugar Hell No! {Superstar Quamallah ft. Tajaj}
20. Fatal Attraction {Jo Doja, La Lo & Lonnie B}
21. C.P.R. {K-Otix}
22. Gone But Not Forgotten {Juice}


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