Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Two KiNGs iN A CiPHeR`s "FRoM PyRaMiDS To PRoJeCTS"...

Released: August 1991
Label: RCA Records

1. The Creator Had A Master Plan [Intro] (0:31)
2. Definiton Of A King (3:11)
3. Daffy Wuz A Black Man (2:47)
4. How U Figga??? (3:26)
5. From The Brothers Who Ain`t Here (4:45)
6. Kemit-Cal Reaction (4:35)
7. You Know How To Make Me [Midnite Mix] (5:40)
8. Prelude To A Masterpiece (0:33)
9. Movin` On `Em (4:15)
10. Com`n Atcha (3:52)
11. TKO`n (3:27)
12. Kings Are People Too!!! (3:47)
13. So What I Can`t Dance? (4:06)
14. This Is For The Brothers [Jazz Version] (4:24)
15. Neighbors (4:44)
16. Shoutouts (1:44)

For those who may not know about Two Kings In A Cipher here`s a quick lil` run~down for ya. The duo consisted of D.O.P. (born Deric Angelettie) who dressed in a B-Boy style rockin` baseball capS & The Noble Ahmen-Ra (born Ron Lawrence) who rocked a fez & dressed more like an Islamic scholar from Egypt. Yes their image was a lil` interesting & they were obviously on that Afrocentric tip like many of the Rap groupS from the East Coast during the early `90`s. "From Pyramids To Projects" was their first & only album which dropped on RCA`s subsidiary Bahia back in 1991. Even though the album itself was pretty much a failure Deric & Ron still ended up being very successful with production careers. Working together & separately for recordS by Biggie, Puffy, Ma$e, Faith Evans, Mary J. Blige & LL Cool J...


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