Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"A.W.O.L. [CooKiN` SouL RmX ALBuM]"...

AZ - A.W.O.L. [Cookin` Soul Rmx]

1. So Sincere [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (1:56)
2. Never Change [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (5:37)
3. New York {ft. Raekwon & Ghostface} [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (3:45)
4. Can`t Stop [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (4:25)
5. Still Alive [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (3:57)
6. AZ`s Chillin` [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (4:30)
7. City Of Gods [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (4:52)
8. Street Life {ft. Half-A-Mill & Begetz} [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (4:29)
9. Bedtime Story [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (2:51)
10. The Come Up [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (3:56)
11. Envious {ft. Bounty Killer} [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (3:37)
12. A.W.O.L. [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (3:37)

This right here is a DoPe remix of AZ's latest album "A.W.O.L.", now I`m not really a fan of all these remix albumS that have been comin` out ever since Jigga released his vocals of the "Black Album" for headS to remix, but an iLL album`s an iLL album & this right here is one of `em! Cookin` Soul consists of a group of 3 producerS/DJs from Spain, production~wise their combination of Funk & Soul sampleS add a nice early 90`s feel to their beatS. So check it out...


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