Tuesday, October 30, 2007

PRiNCe ALi`s "I MiSS 1994 EP"...

Released: 2007

1. Incistroduction (0:57)
2. Grew Up {ft. Louieville Sluggah} (2:26)
3. Respect {ft. Thieven Stealburg} (2:52)
4. Movements {ft. Kev Brown} (4:20)
5. Rap Author [Incise Rmx] {ft. Craig G} (3:32)
6. Rap Author {ft. Craig G} (3:41)
7. Incisimission (0:32)
8. On Our Way (3:24)
9. Jazzy Incision (0:13)
10. Bloaw (2:36)
11. Drift {ft. Theiven & Blue} (3:33)
12. Dear Slave (3:01)
13. Outro (0:50)

DoPe EP right here from Toronto, Canada`s Prince Ali! What I like about this joint is how the beatS have that `94 type of sound without really sounding dated. My fav` jointS off this would have to be "Grew Up" & "Rap Author", I`m not going to say to much more y`all just need to check this joint out for ya`self...




ILLustrious said...

never heard of this guy before, but this EP is mad ill!!! it really does sound reminiscent to 90s hip-hop and the lyricism is on point. huge thanks for hookin this up HeRBaN


HeRBaN LyRiX said...

This was also the first time I had heard this kat`s music, but was truly impressed after I listened to it. Like you mentioned the beatS & lyricS are all on point...

STaY BLeSS`n...