Thursday, January 24, 2008

K-DoT`s "MoNSTeR"...

Toronto emcee K-Dot & the Arkeologists connect to drop "Monster" a great LP...& honestly it`s been a minute since I`ve BuMP`d some good ol` HiP HoP music, so first off I gotta say thanks FeLLaS :)..."Monster" has all that true HiP HoP headZ can enjoy; rugged & dusty underground beatS that BaNG hard courtesy of the Arkeologists & then there`s K-Dot`s hardcore braggadocio & storytelling that`ll definitely capture the listener`s attention. A lot of the standout tracks for me are in fact the storytellin` joints...

"Grown Man" featuring Kaotny & Anonymous Twist is an open letter~styled track; a parent speaking to their seed about all the negative shit that they`ve had to do just so the child could be safe & loved, sort of reminded me of that scene from the movie "Menace II Society" when Caine goes to see Pernell in the joint. "Buffalo" & "The Legend Of Dusan Popov" have KDot flexin` some great crime saga tales. Fellow Canadian emcee D-Sisive showS up & spitS a DoPe guest verse on the track "Looking At You", another storytelling joint.....LoL, I`m lovin` `em! At the moment (I`ve only listend to the album all the way thru twice so far) my favorite joint`s "Fire In My Veins", some good ol` rugged hardcore HiP HoP...

Overall all this album is a great listen, K-Dot & the Arkeologists make a good team together, similar to Guru & DJ Premier (my opinion of course). Check the album out for ya`self...

1. Purpose
2. Get Familiar
3. Cripple Your Style
4. Fire In My Veins
5. Alleyways
6. Breath Of The Beast
7. Grown Man {ft. Kaotny & Anonymous Twist}
8. Looking At You {ft. D-Sisive}
9. Concrete Reservation {ft. Neme Buxx}
10. Regicide
11. The Legend Of Dusan Popov
12. Buffalo [Bonus Track]


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