Tuesday, February 12, 2008

J.J. FaD`s "SuPeRSoNiC"...

Takin` it back with J.J. Fad`s "Supersonic", their debut album -- also the title to their one & only hit. Listening to the album now you can almost point out the place & time that the music was created; Nineteen-Eighty-Eight in Los Angeles...bringin` to mind of course N.W.A. -- surprising to some N.W.A.`s production team, consisting of DJ Yella, Dr. Dre & the Arabian Prince, produced the bulk of the album. Production~wise it`s almost like they were paying homage to their West Coast Electro~Rap roots from the mid~`80's, but the beatS are perfect mesh for Sassy C, MC J.B. & Baby D`s style & flow. Aside from the couple of Pop~vibe`D tracks this joint`s definitely worth a listen if you`d like to take a lil` step back into the Ol` School...

J.J. Fad - Supersonic
Label: Ruthless Records
Released: 1988

1. Supersonic
2. Way Out
3. Blame It On The Muzick
4. In The Mix
5. Eenie Meenie Beats
6. My Dope Intro
7. Let`s Get Hyped
8. Now Really
9. Time Tah Get Stupid
10. Is It Love?


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