Monday, February 04, 2008

MaRVaLeSS` "GHeTTo BLueS"...

First off I`ve gotta BiG uP my homie Denis (BuST The FaCTs baby....LoL) for link`N me up with the album! I`d been lookin` for some of Marvaless` music for the longest time, but could never come across it. So once I finally got a chance to listen to her debut album ya know I just had to roll up some Buddah & take it in. For those that don`t know about Ms. Marva Jean she`s repp`N Sacramento, California & she was down with AWOL Records for her first few releases; her debut `94's "Ghetto Blues", `95's "Just Marvaless" & `96's "Wiccked". Her style`s more on the 'HaRDCoRe' side of things, but she brings her own distinct style & flow. She`s also worked with artists such as C-Bo, Lunasicc, Mac Mall, 2Pac (R.i.P.), Conscious Daughters & was even on Master P`s "West Coast Bad Boyz" compilation. So far this is the only album I`ve heard from her, but she does have a decent discog`, about 6 or 7 albums under her belt...

So without any more delay, here`s Marvaless` first album...

1. Ghetto Blues (4:48)
2. Niggas & Hoes {ft. Pizzo} (5:01)
3. Smokin` Da Bomb {ft. C-Bo & Rup Dog} (5:07)
4. It`s About Time (3:23)
5. Kill The Disrespect (4:08)
6. Can`t Stand The Heat {ft. C-Bo} (5:05)
7. Don`t Cross Me (4:22)
8. Another Dead Nigga (3:32)
9. Female Assassin (4:49)
10. Shouts Out (5:54)


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hi thanks for the albums, can u upload this again? thx