Monday, February 04, 2008

Too $HoRT`s "BoRN To MaCK"...[MuSiC ViDeoS]

After I finished up my post on the `73 movie "The Mack" the other day I decided that I`d share with y`all this joint called "Born To Mack (The Most Dangerous Videos)". Don`t know why, but I`ve been listening to a lot of Too $hort lately....LoL, anyway this DVD`s pretty iLL if you`re a Too $hort fan `cuz it`s a nice collection of some of his ol` school videos so check it out. Don`t forget to use the trick mentioned in the Snoop Dogg movie post..

Too Short - Born To Mack (The Most Dangerous Videos)
Released: 2003
Run Time: 73 minutes

1. Life Is...Too Short [4:07]
2. I Ain`t Trippin` [5:46]
3. The Ghetto [5:04]
4. Short But Funky [3:56]
5. In The Trunk [5:18]
6. I Want To Be Free [4:50]
7. I`m A Player [4:53]
8. Money In The Ghetto [4:32]
9. Get In Where You Fit In [5:25]
10. Cocktales [4:25]
11. Paystyle [4:28]
12. Top Down [4:40]
13. Ain`t No Women [4:09]
14. The Game Is Sold Not Told {ft. Goldy} [4:52]
15. Get Your Hustle On {ft. Baby DC} [4:39]
16. Independence Day {ft. Keith Murray} [4:17]


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